14 Annoying Things People Say To You When You’re Pregnant

Being pregnant is no walk in the park. But do you know what makes carrying a beach ball around on your stomach that little bit harder? PEOPLE’S. ANNOYING. QUESTIONS.

Because sometimes, there are just some things that should never said to a pregnant lady. *Sigh*. If only they would learn…

Here are the 14 most infuriating things people you could say to a pregnant person.

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1. Can I touch it?

Let me put it this way. If I wouldn’t have welcomed your hands on my body pre-pregnancy, I definitely won’t now.

2. Are you sure you’re not having twins?

Thanks. So I look like a whale then.




3. Aren’t you terrified of giving birth?

Yep, pretty much. Thanks for the reminder.

4. You’ve got quite the waddle now, haven’t you?!

Way to make a girl feel self-conscious…

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5. You look tiny

Great, now I’ll spend the next 24 hours worrying that there is something seriously wrong with my unborn child.

6. You look MASSIVE

Just get out.



7. Have fun being designated driver!

Erm. Since when was it been okay to laugh in the face of a pregnant person’s sobriety?

8. Phew. We all just thought you’d just got fat

Great, so I actually just look like I’ve just put on two stone as opposed to fallen pregnant? Wonderful.

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9. Wheeeey. Get in, girl.

Ew, no. Funnily enough, we’re not really in the market for crude sex jokes right now.

10. You look ready to pop

Yes, I look like I’m housing a baby hippo right now, and no, I have NO IDEA why I haven’t given birth yet either. Cheers for noticing.



11. Are you sure you should be doing that?

HINT: Never try telling a pregnant person what they can or can’t do. It won’t go down well.

12. Your face looks so full!

Thanks, I already felt fat. But this has helped loads.



13. How are you feeling?

Please, just ask me what I had for lunch today. ANYTHING but another question about my morning sickness/babies/the bump…

14. Brace yourself – you’re going to get NO sleep soon

No kidding Sherlock, I thought babies slept through the night?