Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Just Hit Cultbeauty

So we've got about two days left till it's out of stock...

I don’t think the Modern Renaissance palette needs any introduction. Created by beauty brains Anastasia Beverly Hills, last year it was on our Instagram feed so much we could probably recite the names of each and every one of the shades off by heart.

Everyone who’s anyone in the beauty world had either swatched, shaded or painted some part of their skin with at least one of the 14 shades.

We sat, we watched and we swooned as a new Modern Renaissance eyeshadow look appeared on our feeds practically every day.

Basically, It was a big deal. Ever since then we’ve felt like every palette has desperately tried to fill its boots, and to be honest, no one ever really has.

Who else could possibly outshine the 2016 super palette? It had to be Anastasia Beverly Hills themselves. They’re back with a bang and this time their furry covered friend goes by the name of Subculture.

As with everything ABH does, there’s been some hype surrounding it’s launch, which, in case you weren’t keeping up with was today, and now you can finally get your paws on it. It’s being coined the night-time sister of Modern Renaissance and this time we’re talking cooler, evening shades like blues – but also some yellows and nudes to add to the mix.

🎥 Beautiful look @makeupbylee using the Subculture palette #abhsubculture

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Like with most things beauty, the palette has actually been available over in the USA for a while and some of the big beauty bloggers have tested it.

But, unlike it’s little sister, Subculture has been receiving some very mixed reviews. Initially Vlogger Alissa Ashley reviewed the palette and said that she was really unhappy with how powdery the shadows were.

She was finding that they were completely crumbling every time she dipped her brush in them. She also found that the colours were changing once she’d applied them.

Jeffery Star was next to say he was really unhappy with how much fallout he was getting from the palette and that the colours were not true once applied. Uh oh.

Claudia, Anastasia’s daughter took to Twitter to tell people that neither of these things were normal and that she reckoned the inconsistency in the palettes was down to automated pressing of the shadows.

She then went on to say that anyone who had been experiencing these issues could return the palette and expect a full refund.

Beautiful @shanmacmua Using Subculture palette #abhsubculture

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All we know is that we need to get our hands on one ASAP (like, we’re adding it to our basket RN) and we’re hoping that over here we don’t face the same stressful shadow situation.

Fingers crossed.