Anastasia Beverley Hills Are Launching New Brushset

As if Black Friday could get anymore exciting.

The LOOK team LOVE Anastasia Beverley Hills products. Her brush sets and dazzling palettes practically guarantee a luscious look. We were so taken by the  Modern Renaissance Palette that we thought it couldn’t get any better.

Then we found out that 24 beautiful brushes are launching just in time for Black Friday.

Life couldn’t be anymore convenient. Of course, the brand isn’t a stranger to brushes. The lines highlighter and brow brushes are nothing but gorgeous. But this will be the first time we can lay our hands on a full set.

And it gets even better. This Friday Anastasia Beverley Hills discounts are ranging from 10  to 60% off! Including 10% of glow kits, 20% off stick foundation and 30% off lipgloss.

We can’t wait!


By Shannan Sterne