Amber Le Bon: On Partying, Beauty Rules & Style Essentials

As a fashion-industry fave it’s no surprise that Amber calls the likes of Poppy Delevingne, Mille Mackintosh and Zara Martin her party besties. A sneak peek at her Instagram will serve up some major inspiration, with her wardrobe to rival seasoned stylists and a beauty arsenal to boast about. So who better to give us a lesson in looking great this party season? We sat down with her to talk about beauty must-haves, style rules and throwing a great party…

Amber, what is the best party you’ve ever been to?

It was my Mama’s surprise 50th last year, it was organised by my Daddy and the other Duran members, and by my two sisters Saffi and Tallulah and I. We were all so proud that around 200 people could keep a secret and Mama’s face when she walked in was a mix of overwhelming fear, shock, happiness and excitement all at once, quite a funny combination. The party was full of people we love and was just a really great birthday party. 

Do you have any rules when it comes to throwing your own party?

I have absolutely no rules! I like dressing up sometimes, and love dressing down sometimes, staying up late and going to bed early. I really think my only thing would be to go with the flow, I like being flexible about plans and places. 

Tell us three songs that will be on your party playlist?

Rebel Rebel- David Bowie

King – Years & Years

Digital Love – Daft Punk

What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had at a party?

I don’t think I can remember my most embarrassing moment at a party! If it was that embarrassing I probably got very drunk afterwards, which seems to have done the ‘wiping it from my memory’ trick very well. 

What’s your best party advice?

Never wear a skirt you can’t sit down in with uncomfortable high heels, it makes for a very short evening!

How do you like to wear your hair for a night out? Any go-to styles?

I typically wear it down with soft waves and a little volume. If my hair needs a little more texture I’ll use Redken Windblown Spray, £12.20, to give it a little extra life. I also really like using Redken Pillow Proof Extender, £13.70, which is a great dry shampoo for added texture.

What about your beauty routine, do you switch up for a big night out?

Well I always make sure I use Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder, £29, to stop my skin getting shiny, otherwise I shine like a lamp! With my eye make-up I try go for taupes, browns, and garnett-reddy colours that bring out the green in my eyes and make them pop.

Your skin is misbehaving the day before a party, how do you fix it?

If my skin is feeling tired, over worked and about to breakout then I apply Savlon Antiseptic Cream, £1.25, on it overnight, it helps to stop the skin breakout. It’s a little trick that was told to me by another model backstage after a show and it’s been a lifesaver on more than one occasion!

It’s the night before a red carpet event or a huge photoshoot, how do you prepare?

Well if it’s the night before I try to avoid heavy carbs, as much as I may want to eat a bowl of pasta, and then have mashed potato on top [laughs], I’m best to avoid all that.

You recently changed your hair colour by going ombre, what made you decide to take the plunge? 

I decided to go for a sunny caramel, light-gold colour. I basically wanted it to look like it had been dipped in sunshine. I feel like the colour opens my face up more, so I look a bit brighter. I quite like the low maintenance of ombre, being able to let it grow out easily, and not having to go get touch ups the entire time. 

By Victoria Jowett 


Amber Le Bon is the new face of Redken Bronde Sombre professional colour.