This YouTuber Just Contoured Herself Into Gigi Hadid

Ever wanted to look like Gigi Hadid for a day? Yep, us too.

But while we never thought we’d be able to channel the 20-year-old’s supermodel features without the help of some Harry Potter-style magic, one YouTube beauty guru has done exactly that.

This is how Alyona Yarushina usually looks. Picture: Alyona Yarushina Instagram


Harnessing the (pretty incredible) power of make-up, US-based Russian vlogger Alyona Yarushina has transformed herself into Gigi – and posted a video to prove it.

We’ve gotta say, we’re impressed.


Alyona – who’s known as Aly Art online – has blonde hair and blue eyes like Gigi, but her makeover still required 11 products and six make-up brushes. Wowzers.

In the clip, she explains that she studied Gigi’s facial shape and features beforehand, noting that she has a square jaw, a flat chin, high brows and fairly small eyes.

So what cosmetic genius did Alyona use? Well, after first applying a base layer of foundation, she patted concealer around her eyes to make them appear smaller.


She then used a dark brown powder along her hairline to mimic Gigi’s rounded forehead, before buffing it with a brush for a natural finish.

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Alyona displayed her contouring skills by by painting dark powder from the tops of her ears to below the apples of her cheeks, giving the impression of Gigi’s rounded face. 

Gigi Hadid is dating ex-One Direction singer Zayn Malik


She swapped to a thinner brush to draw lines on the side of her nose and dabbed concealer on her nostrils to ‘lift’ them.

Finishing off, Alyona covered her eyebrows with concealer before drawing on arched Gigi-style brows. Amazing, huh?

Alyona Yarushina has also shared a Perrie Edwards tutorial


And this isn’t the only celebrity Alyona has made herself up to look like. She’s previously created a similar tutorial for Mix’s Perrie Edwards.

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And this is the *real* Perrie Edwards!


So that’s Zayn Malik’s girlfriend AND ex. Crikey. We bet he’s all kinds of confused right now…