Aloe vera juice = our new favourite health kick

Aloe Vera Juice: The Benefits You Need To Know

Aloe vera has long been considered a go-to wonder ingredient in the beauty world, with whole skincare ranges dedicated to the soothing gel and it’s healing powers. But it’s benefits go way past calming skin and soothing sunburn, there are way more benefits of the drink.

Boosts Digestion

We all know aloe vera is anti-inflammatory, it works a treat slathered over sunburn, but those anti-inflammatory benefits can also help your digestive tract. Just like your skin, sipping aloe vera juice can help heal irritations in the stomach and intestines leaving you able to digest your food better. It’s commonly used to help with symptoms of IBS and acid reflux.

Vitamin Shot

Aloe Vera juice is jam-packed with goodies that’ll help keep your body happy. With a whole of host of vitamins and amino acids along with calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, folate, copper, selenium and potassium. Yep, we told you it’s a wonder juice! All these vitamins and minerals help to banish toxins and detoxify your body.

We explore the benefits of aloe vera juice

Helps Immune System

Clever aloe vera juice can actually help stimulate your white blood cells which fight off viruses. The fact that it’s loaded with vitamin C, so sipping it will help protect from infection and boost your body’s healing powers.

Get Luscious Locks 

The vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes in aloe vera juice are the ultimate recipe for healthy hair. Teamed with it’s ability to alkalise your body and ensure your scalp remains healthy, it also helps moisturise hair and support growth.

Perfect Skin

The aloe vera juice contains a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients to help hydrate and heal skin, it also helps boost collagen production, meaning skin looks plumped and glowy.