The Secret You Never Knew About Alicia Vikander’s Hair

Alicia Vikander is fast becoming our biggest girl crush of 2016.

The 27-year-old actress has an easy elegance on the red carpet that she makes look so effortless –  whether she’s working Valentino or Louis Vuitton, her classic beauty consistently shines through.

But it’s the Danish Girl star’s perfectly polished hair and make-up that we really covet (especially that hair)…

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Alicia Vikander Alicia Vikander working a braided updo at the Golden Globes


So what if we were to tell you that Alicia’s gorgeously shiny tresses actually held a secret that not many people know about?

Because despite looking incredibly natural, Alicia is actually a huge fan of Vixen & Blush hair extensions, and regularly rocks them on the red carpet. Who knew?!

‘I have been a loyal client of Vixen & Blush for three years and will never go anywhere else for my hair extensions’, Alicia tells LOOK.

Alicia Vikander Alicia Vikander is a big fan of Vixen & Blush’s oh-so-natural extensions…


‘I’m often asked to change my hair for roles and now insist on having my hair extensions done in London by Danielle at Vixen & Blush as she is the only person I can trust to safely apply them!’ 

And to make all of you fellow hair extension-devotees feel that little bit better, the A-lister confesses that she’s had her fair share of extensions nightmares just like the rest of us. Phew!

‘Having had bad experiences in the past, I know the difference, and know that it’s worth making the effort to travel for my hair’, Vikander says to explain why she jets half way across the world to visit V&B’s cool London salon.

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Alicia Vikander Alicia admits she needs her hair to look natural for film roles


‘I want my hair to look natural and am asked to have my hair in certain styles for each role, and I have been able to trust Danielle the whole time.’ 

So, what’s it like to style one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous stars? Well, Sarah Mckenna, director and founder of Vixen&Blush, told us.

‘Alicia likes to have a half head for fullness and she likes the extensions placed very close to her hairline to create sweeping side panels’, Sarah says.

Alicia Vikander side hair Alicia’s extensions are so versatile – up or down, they look gorgeously natural


‘She requested that she was allowed to wear Vixen & Blush hair extensions in her film The Light Between The Oceans, as the script called for a natural look.’ 

You can say that again. We never would have guess that those weren’t all her own tresses.

To get Alicia’s A-list hair look, visit Vixen & Blush to arrange a consultation.

Alicia Vikander To get Alicia’s A-list look, give Vixen & Blush a call…