This £6.99 Aldi Night Cream Saved My Skin From Roaccutane


If you’ve ever suffered from acne, then you might have considered going on Roaccutane. The medicine, primarily used to treat severe acne, is available on prescription but doesn’t come without a lot of side effects. One of the major complaints being that it dries out your skin. In a BIG way. But a LOOK Reader recently told our Beauty Team that she found a miracle moisturiser to combat it. And it’s only a £6.99 Aldi night cream!

Speaking to LOOK, she explained: “I suffered the most with dry skin and dry lips. Your lips literally peel off and I had really weird dry patches that would appear on my skin. It also makes your skin very red and sore. I bought an Aldi moisturiser on a whim and it was so good. It was so thick and I could afford to use as must as I needed, which was also a bonus.”

The cream in question? Well it’s Lacura Caviar Night Cream, £6.99.

Part of the Lacura Caviar Illumination range, the night cream’s actually formulated to have anti-ageing, lifting and firming benefit. Packed with powerful anti-ageing caviar extract – which is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and lipid components – it hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling plump, soft and smooth.

“Now coming off Roaccutane, I have never felt so confident about my skin, it has genuinely changed my life. I do still use Aldi night cream and have recommended it to so many friends who all love it too! If you’ve got dry skin it’s 100% the best thing I’ve ever used.”

That’s us sold!