This MUA Did Her Make-Up In The Middle Of Giving Birth

Doing your make-up whilst in labour? Is it going to catch on?

Well, for one beauty fanatic, it was the only way to go when it came to welcoming her baby into the world. And make-up artist Alaha Majid documented the whole thing on Instagram for her loyal fans…

Right from the comfort of her own hospital bed, Alaha (who has nearly 70k Instagram followers) decided to get her full glam on for her and her hubby’s happy moment, cleverly applying her slap in between contractions.

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> Instagram: @makeupbyalaha


‘I was pausing during contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed’, she explained on Instagram. ‘I only packed some of my favourite products in my hospital bag’. 

She was pretty well-armed, however, packing false lashes, eyeshadow palettes, her favourite contouring kit and two pots of make-up brushes. Now that’s what we call prepared…

But of course, just like any other woman in labour, at some points the pain was just too much to think for Majid to focus fully on her strobing. Which is why she roped in her hubby to help, mid-labour.

> Instagram: @makeupbyalaha


‘When the contractions got too strong, hubby was there to save the day!’ she added next to a snap of him performing his best contouring work.

Finally, Alaha posted a post-baby picture of her and her newborn daughter, looking better than we do on an average night out. In fact, it was so good, it’s now been made into a meme…

OTT or not, girl’s got serious skills.

> Instagram: @makeupbyalaha