This Is The Age When We Are The Most Beautiful

It might surprise you

Beauty has long been associated with youth – go figure, we’re not breaking the bank on anti-ageing creams for nothing.

But, a recent study has revealed that the most beautiful people in the world aren’t as young as we would have assumed.

According to research by Scientists from the Boston University School Of Medicine, the average age of people considered to be the most beautiful is 38.9.

The experiment used People magazine to compare the list of the 50 celebrities who were named ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ in 1990 with the current 2017 list.

They expected that there would be no change in peoples perceptions of attractiveness, but the results proved to be different.

While it might seem like there’s more pressure on us than ever to look younger (thanks social media), the average age has actually increased from 33.2 in 1990.

The most beautiful woman was 49-year-old Julia Roberts, along with Alicia Keys, 36 and Reese Witherspoon, 41.

As well as older celebrities, there was also far more racial diversity, with an increase of 24 to 40 per cent of ethnic celebrities.

Only one mixed raced celebrity was included within the 1990 study, compared to 14 in the most recent one.

Speaking of the results they said: “Through an examination of the WMB issue of People, we found that these beauty standards are evolving as people learn how to integrate the effects of media with exposure to new cultures and different norms.”

It’s a good thing that there’s more diversity, and it’s nice to see that peoples ideas and standards of beauty are shifting. After all, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and is not just a cookie cutter copy of what we see on Instagram.

Personally, we think there’s still a long way to go and hopefully in a few more years the results will be even more varied. But for now, it’s a small win.