Want To Know The Celebs’ *Ultimate* Beauty Trick?

Katy Perry, Reese Witherspoon and Eva Mendes are all ah-mazingly stunning, right?

But there’s one thing they may need a teeny bit of help with – their hands. And that’s where parts model Adele Uddo steps in.

Adele’s lips and legs have both featured in magazines and on billboards, earning her up to £3,200 a day. However, it’s her elegant hands that are particularly sought after.

> Just look at those perfect nails! We can see why Adele Uddo’s in demand


She’s worked on campaigns with celebrities including Beyoncé and has had the pleasure of getting her mitts on heartthrobs (pun intended, soz) including Colin Farrell and Patrick Dempsey.

Lucky gal.

‘It’s always exciting when a celebrity is on set. I’ve got to admit, my hands were blushing a bit when I worked with Colin Farrell,’ Adele tells Allure.

‘Beyoncé was quite a thrill, too. We worked together on a L’Oréal commercial, and I tried acting cool, but inside, I was super-starstruck.’

> Adele Uddo gets made up before a shoot


While this may sound like a pretty amazing deal, it’s not always quite so glamorous behind the scenes of beauty and fashion shoots.

‘Whenever I’m hand-doubling for another model, that can be a bit bizarre. Sometimes I’m crouched behind the principal model for hours, while my arms and hands act as hers,’ continues Adele.

‘I can barely see what I’m doing and have to make my movements look as graceful and natural as possible.’

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> Adele Uddo has to do some pretty interesting things behind the scenes of shoots


And Adele has to ensure she takes extra-special care of her prized possessions, avoiding bruising, keeping her nails in good condition and staying away from acrylics or gels.

‘I’m a believer that a little lotion goes a long way. Moisture makes hands look healthy,’ she says.

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‘People always ask me what my favourite products are, and for years I’ve been making my own moisturisers from coconut oil, shea butter, sweet-almond oil, and a blend of essential oils.

> Adele Uddo’s mitts are now world-famous. Impressive


‘Good lighting helps a ton, but also a relaxed hand looks better than one that’s tense.’

So now we know how to take the perfect manicure selfie…