A Mean Girls Eyeshadow Palette Might Be Happening…

That is so fetch!

12 years on from the release of Mean Girls, the film is as iconic as ever.

October 3rd has been officially crowned ‘Mean Girls Day’, the Jingle Bell Rock will always have special a place in our hearts, and we still can’t help but spurt the film’s quotes at every opportunity possible.


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Now, we’ve received some SUPER exciting Mean Girls news.

Unfortunately it’s not an original cast sequal (we wish), but it’s almost as good… There might be a Mean Girls eyeshadow palette in the works.


The brand behind this revolutionary idea is the ah-mazingly creative Storybook Cosmetics, who took to Instagram to reveal their plans to create the palette.

On Wednesdays, we wear Mean Girls Makeup. ? (Tentative idea, all depends on licensing ??)

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Their post showed off a prototype drawing of the palette, it’s shades and names.

We don’t know if we’re quite over the Burn Book packaging and we are absolutely living for the names of the eight shades, our favourites being “You Can’t Sit With Us” which is a beautiful burnt orange and “Wednesday” which – naturally – HAD to be pink.



Basically, we love EVERYTHING about this palette.

The Instagram post was captioned, “On Wednesdays, we wear Mean Girls Makeup. ? (Tentative idea, all depends on licensing ??)” which means the idea all depends on licensing and copyright rules, but we are hoping and praying that this palette does come to life.

The triplets behind Storybook Cosmetics are getting it SO right clashing nostalgic films with beauty products.

The brand have already revealed two upcoming Harry Potter inspired products, The Sorting Palette which is an eyeshadow palette inspired by Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat, and wand makeup brushes.


We’re absolutely aching to hear more about this palette, the sooner we can get our hands on this beauty, the better!

By Catherine Delves