A-List Brow Expert Spills Her Secrets

Still not sure your brows are looking their best? We have been chatting to Tracie Giles, celeb eyebrow shaper, for her hottest tips…

Choose eyebrows according to your face shape

  • Oval faces look best with a soft-angled eyebrow.
  • Round faces will suit high-arched brows, because this adds length.
  • Square faces will suit curved brows, which balance out prominent angles.
  • Long faces will always look best with a horizontal brow.
  • Heart faces look amazing with a round, low-arched brow.

The most popular shape right now

Thicker, low-set eyebrows are in demand thanks to Cara Delevingne.

If you haven’t got thick brows naturally…

Try a growth-enhancing gel. My favourite is RevitaLash Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel, £19.50, which encourages growth but is also tinted, so they look instantly thicker.



The trick to creating hair where there isn’t any…

Is to use waterproof brow products [we love MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set, £13.50], which won’t wear off by the end of the day. Waxes are great for faking hair. Always apply them with a thick, angled brush. [L’Oréal Paris Brow Expert, £9.99, comes with a mini brush.]



Thick brows don’t suit everyone

If you’re older, they can make you look angry. For a more natural finish, pluck them slightly to open up your eyes.

In between your normal waxing or threading appointments, always…

Hide stray hairs with a thick concealer [we love Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer, £19.50].

No two eyebrows should completely match

They’re sisters, not twins. Don’t spend time trying to get them to look identical.