9 Ways To Get Fit, Strong and Healthy For Summer

Looking for quick ways to tone up, loose weight and look great this summer? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve spoken to top health and fitness experts, as well as nutritionists to find out their top tips for toning up for bikini season. It’s all about getting fit, strong and healthy, there’s no extreme diets or crazy weight-loss ideas, but these things really do work. And if the amazing experts we’ve spoken to (including Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s trainer and the Managing Director of Elemis) swear by it, we need to be doing it too. Read on for their amazing tips…

1. The All-New Sugar Alternative

‘Cutting out refined sugars can have an amazing effect on your body. Substitute them with maple syrup or dates, that way your blood sugar levels won’t spike and you can keep steady energy levels’.

Lily Wollenberg – founder of Livia’s Crumbles, the healthy deserts that are good-for-you. Her crumbles are sold in Selfridges and loved by foodie blogger Deliciously Ella. 

Livia’s Classic Crumble Pack, £15

> Livia’s Classic Crumble Pack, £15


2. The Workout You Can Do Anywhere…

“I developed the Bodyism Bands, £34.95 (for three) because I wanted my clients to be able to workout wherever they are. You can use them sitting at your desk, on the plane or at home watching TV. Put the band around your knees, get into a squat and bring one knee in towards the other knee 15 times. Repeat with the other knee, keeping as still as possible. It’s amazing for toning your thighs and stomach at the same time.

James Duigan -founder and creator of Bodyism gym, where Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Elle Macpherson workout.

> Bodyism Exercise Bands, £34.95 (for three)


Body Brushing Is Key

“Body brushing is an easy add on to your morning shower routine and will make the world of difference (you can loose a 1lb a day) as well as improve your skins texture, especially the appearance of cellulite. Stroke in light upward motions, from the soles of the feet, up the body towards the heart.”

Noella Gabriel- is the lady you need to thank for all the wonderful Elemis creations, she’s the Director of Product and Treatment Develeopment at Elemis.

Elemis Skin Brush, £18.40

> Elemis Skin Brush, £18.40


4. Instant Food Booster

‘Neals Yard Organics Organic Greens Complex, £20, is amazing for adding into anything to give your body a boost. Sprinkle it on smoothies, guacamole, or even ice cream. It’s packed with cleansing and detoxifying goodies like wheatgrass, spirulina and chlorella.’

Tipper Lewis is a trained naturopathic herbalist and boosts over 15 years experience at Neals Yard Remedies.


5. Sculpt Your Body With Tan

“A spray tan can make your body look more defined. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronzing Mist, £10.33, as the nozzle is amazing for being super precise. Spray under the collar bone, across the stomach (to create and define your abs) and down the outside and inner leg to give the illusion that they’re slimmer.”

James Harknett – celebrity tanner and the LOOK editors go-to body sculpting expert.

> L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronzing Mist, £10.33


6. Energy Boosting Tea

‘My go-to drink is iced green tea with lemon. It gives a great caffeine kick, plus it’ll boost your concentration and mood’.

Rhain Stephenson –CEO and one of the trainers, at spinning sensation class Psycle London. She’s also
a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist.

> The juices that’ll leave you glowing inside and out 


7.The Not-So-Naughty Cocktail

‘Who says drinking has to be calorific!? After creating healthy juice for years, we didn’t want to undo all our hard work on a Friday night by downing yummy cocktails, so here is your winning solution. Mix Belvedere vodka (which is super clean) with one of our Cold-Pressd Cocktails, there’s Hail Mary (your Bloody Mary alternative) or Greena Colada (a new take on Pina Colada).  They’re rich in antioxidants, low in calories and only contain sweetness from naturally sweet cold pressed fruit.”

Lily Rogath and Meryl Zises- are the founders of Imbibery juices, one of Bobbi Brown’s claims to her gorgeously glowing skin.

Imbibery London Cold-Pressd Cocktail, £6 each

> Imbibery London Cold-Pressd Cocktail, £6 each


8. The Clever Temperature Trick

“Switching between hot and cold showers is amazing for your circulation, and will help with lymphatic drainage. You’ll start to notice your skin looking more toned and noticeably smoother, after just a week.”

Rhain Stephenson


9. The Post Workout Juice

“Look for a juice with almonds after your workout, they’re an amazing source of vitamin E, and it’s really important you get as much of that as possible for your muscles to repair after a heavy workout. Presscription Mykl Make-Well, £4.95 (which is also packed with dates, sea salt and vanilla bean) is amazing for regulating your sugar levels too”.

Mitch Minton- founder and creator of Presscription juices, which are loved by Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green.

> Presscription Mykl Make-Well, £4.95


For more get fit tips pick up this weeks issue of LOOK, on sale Tuesday 7th July.

Samantha Freedman