9 Times We Tried To Be Hairdressers And Failed


Imagine how great life would be if you could have a hairdresser on call 24/7? Perfect hair could be yours all day, every day; someone to give you a blow dry each morning, to follow behind you spritzing and spraying, and (most importantly) shield your ‘do from any threatening weather. But whilst this is still the stuff of our dreams, we’ll just have to try and keep our locks looking salon-worthy all on our own. Except, sometimes we’re not so good at it…

1.  It doesn’t matter how many special brushes you use, or the different lotions and potions you try, an at-home blow dry is just NEVER as good as one from a salon. How do they make it look so easy?!

2. When you tried to cut your own fringe…but it still ended up a wonky mess.


Britney tried the fringe trim at home…


3. That time when you and your best friend thought it’d be a great idea to dye each other’s hair – hers came out perfect, whereas your mousey blonde locks turned an attractive shade of… aubergine. Total fail.



Katy took inspiration from her My Little Pony collection…




4. Clearing out the attic, you come across that old hair styling doll that you used to spend hours pouring over as a girl – except, she seems to have been through a balding stage. Hmm, looks like you got too eager with the scissors. Told you we were never meant to be hairdressers!


Remember this?! We all had one…


5. Curling hair with straighteners – Just. Cant. Do. It.

6. Trying to give yourself any kind of complex plait – a fishtail, french plaits, milkmaid braids… even if it goes right, it’s falling out by lunchtime.


Chance of recreating Imogen Poots’ hair at home? Erm, about zero


7. Going for the catwalk-inspired ‘wet look’ hair, but just ending up with greasy-looking locks.


Great on the catwalk, not so much in real life


8. Trying to give yourself the relaxing head massage thing that hairdressers do so well… but just ending up creating more frizz, and looking really quite weird whilst you’re doing it.

9. Backcombing – when the hairstylist does it, we have just the right amount of voume, but when we try… it looks like we’ve got through a hedge backwards. In the rain. Ten times over.


Backcombing – not supposed to look like this


Annie Quinton