8 Vintage Beauty Tricks You Should Definitely Try

In 2015, we have TONNES of amazing beauty products at our disposal. But there’s still a thing or two we can learn from those vintage beauties…

Take note from the likes of Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn with these genius vintage beauty tricks (that we’re so bringing back)…

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1. Beer on your hair

Apparently, pouring beer over your locks can give it a serious shine-boost due to the vitamin B and natural sugars it contains, which add volume and shine. Simply crack open a can, let it warm up a bit and apply directly to hair after shampoo. A vintage trick we will definitely be trying!



2. Rose petal lipstick

Apparently, our favourite classic beauties were big fans of using rose petals instead of lipstick. How, you ask? Well, they mushed petals together with Vaseline in a bowl and then applied the petal to their lips for 5 minutes to create a lasting stain. Nifty!



3. Perfume on your hair brush

Back in the early 1900s, women would reportedly spritz their hair brushes with their favourite fragrance so that every time they flicked their hair, they’d smell amazing. Yep, we’ll be stealing this one!

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4. Combing your lashes with safety pins

We’re not 100% convinced by this one, because, HOW dangerous?! But did you know that Audrey Hepburn’s make-up artist reportedly used this technique on her lashes to separate each lash for the perfect flutter? Oh, and Julia Roberts does it too. We guess they must have seriously steady hands…



5. Baby powder in your roots

Forget dry shampoo, the old school way of reviving lank locks was to apply baby powder to your roots and rub it into your hair to create a high volume look. This one definitely works – we’ve been doing this at LOOK HQ for years.



6. Mint leaves on dark circles

Silver screen sirens Rita Hayworth and Sophia Loren were said to be big fans of this nifty trick. Simply press crushed mint leaves under your eyes to instantly look more awake. Smells nice, too!

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7. Ice water as toner

This is a great one for if you ever run out of your expensive toner – simply splash your face with ice cold water to seal your pores, just like actress Joan Crawford used to do back in her heyday.



8. Coconut oil on your face

Mae West apparently swore by coconut oil back in the day, using it on her face to keep her skin hydrated and gorgeous. Sophia Loren also used to add a few drops of olive oil to her bath to soften her skin. So basically, oils are good.



9. Petroleum jelly primer

Before eye-shadow primers came into existence, petroleum jelly was applied to lids to keep powder on. Whip out your Vaseline and give it a go!