We are all for self-expression, but maybe keep things a little more low key than this on your first date

8 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

First dates are hard enough, that’s without the heartbreaking awkwardness that comes with fashion faux pas, beauty blunders and just general date no-no’s, so please keep these in mind…



Wear Too Much Makeup


Jlo, we don’t know why you’d ever need that much makeup anyway….

How many times have you heard your boyfriend (clearly now your ex…), or maybe even your dad telling you you look better with less makeup on? Never has this applied more than on a first date, I mean cone on, you want the guy to be able to actually see your face. Piling on the slap might be a quick way to boost your confidence, but in reality it can come across as a bit overbearing or even intimidating. Boys like the natural look and would rather be looking at a slightly enhanced version of you than a totally different person. Plus, you’re setting yourself up for an extensive amount of getting ready for all future dates.



Overload The Perfume

Does this even need a caption?

We aren’t naming names, but people who wear chokingly strong perfumes, you know who you are. There’s nothing worse than having to gasp for air through the thick fumes radiating off the shirt of the man next to you on the tube. 10+ sprays, you know the drill. Fragrances are made for smelling not suffocating. You wouldn’t be happy if your dinner date’s shirt was doused in Old Spice, so the same applies to you. We want to be able to taste the food, not the fragrances, thanks.



Chew Gum

A wad of gum in the back of your mouth is never a good look

Ok, we know bad breath is a very real and scary thing, forget about on a first date, the struggle is real even after a morning coffee in the office. But, chewing gum is annoying, plus it’s rude and will actually draw more attention to your mouth. What are you going to do when you finish with it? Put it in your napkin, which, you guessed it, is quite awful. So take my advice, chew all the chewing gum you want before your date, but please dispose of it before you get there.



Wear Bright Lipstick

It’s all fun and games untill your lipstick is on your teeth

Don’t get me wrong I like bright lipstick, what I don’t like are the levels of stress and complications that come with it. Honestly, save yourself the terror of realizing half an hour into your date that you’ve had lipstick smeared across your front teeth the entire time. You are never fully in control of your lipstick ladies and let this be a lesson, no matter how many times you perfect your lip liner, the chances of it smudging while you eat are high. That’s not to say if you are only going for a few drinks that you can’t wear your fave red lippy, but do at your own peril!


Have Gross Nails

Killer claws are more scary than chic

You wouldn’t think it, but your nails are quite important on a date. Someone’s hands say a lot about them so make sure your nails are in tip top condition, no hang-nails, bitten fingers, chipped polish or gross colours (specifically green!) On the flip side, don’t over do it. Diamond encrusted claws are probably going to scare the poor boy half to death, so keep it to a nice, simple mani.


Wear Something Revealing

Kendall, we love you but we think your shirt might be missing some buttons

This goes without saying, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t know what to wear on a first date. We aren’t saying turn up in something that looks like it’s come from your grandma’s wardrobe, so don’t go all Downtown Abbey on him, but do leave some things to the imagination. Showing too much skin on date number 1 is the equivalent of getting your birthday cake before your birthday – after all, you want him to have something to look forward to.


Bring A Friend

We’re guessing Taylor didn’t bring one of her many friends on her first date with Calvin

No. Just, by all means, no. What were you thinking!?



Get Really Drunk

Or wear an assortment of neck scarves and bring a bag made of balloons

Surprise, surprise. This is basically rule number 1. Although we’ve all been there, I know I sure have, and lets face it, it doesn’t go as well as you thought it would. There are a million reasons why you should try to refrain from becoming utterly inebriated on your first date/second date/any date, so I’m not going to list them all. Just, please try to stick to only a few glasses of wine and steer clear of the shots at ALL costs, it’s a date not a frat party. Shots + first dates = 🙁

Gabrielle Dyer