9 Heatwave Beauty Fails Every Woman Has Experienced

Heatwaves are gorgeous, aren’t they?

Yep, except when your make-up is running down your face, your top lip is sweatier than your armpit and your hair looks like it’s never seen serum or straighteners in its life.

Unfortunately, when it’s hot and sunny, our beauty regimes go to pot. Because seriously, how are we supposed to look glam when there’s a tidalwave running down our face?

Here are 9 beauty fails we all suffer from when it’s hot and sticky outside…

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1) Your mascara ending up above and below your eye.

And your eyeballs burning as your eyeliner-stained sweat drips right into them. Thanks, sun.

Tumblr: @brunettevixxxen


2) Your fake tan leaving a sweaty biscuit stain on the bus seat.

Huh? That DEFINITELY wasn’t me.

Jessica Alba

3) Your carefully drawn-in eyebrows casually falling half-way down your face.

Totally meant to be there.


4) Attempting to blend your foundation into your sweat-soaked skin.


5) Trying to blow-dry your hair and turning your bathroom into your own personal sauna.

Can’t. Breathe.

Tumblr: @weirdvintage


6) Your naturally curly hair bouncing right back up just seconds after running the straighteners over it.

Monica knows.

7) Overdosing on deodorant and later noticing the chalky white powder dropping from your armpits.

Dandruff ‘pits? Deal with it.

8) Forgetting to shave your legs and spending the entire day trying to cross one over the other.

Even 100 degree jeans would’ve been better than this.

9) Feeling fresh and clean as you emerge from your morning shower… for about 30 seconds.

Is it raining? No, that’s just the sweat dropping from my armpit onto my knee.


RIP winter.