Genius Beauty Tricks That We Can’t Live Without

On a recent beauty shoot with DJ and Model, Zara Martin, Smashbox Cosmetics National Make-up Coach, Janine Bird and  Ojon Treatment Technician, Jennie Roberts, shared some genius beauty tricks, we just had to spill to you. From perfecting your eyeliner flick to making your blow out stay put for a whooping 3-days. Read on, and thank us later!

1.    Eye Liner Perfector

“Use Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, £25, with a foundation brush to tidy up messy eyeliner flicks. It instantly removes liner without taking off your base.”


2.    Flip Your Hair Back and Forth

“Don’t be afraid to flip your hair upside down once you’ve finished styling. Spray Ojon Volumizing Styling Spray, £20.50, over curls and you’ll be left with immense fullness and volume.”


3.    Glitter Sticker

“The ultimate primer for glitter is Smashbox Photo Finish 24Hr Eye Primer, £18, you wont even get sprinkles down your cheeks.”


4.    Bungee Bands Are Best

“Keep your ponytail tight with a bungee elastic, it’s great for adjusting the tightness of your up do, without snagging or breaking hair.”


5.    Eye Liner On Lips

“Yes, really! Sometimes eye products are more long lasting than lip ones, just add a gloss on top to give it a lip feel.”


6.    Tong Your Tail

“Tonged ponytails look great, they’re perfect for the time poor too. Simply tie your hair back and wrap the pony around the barrel in one go.”


7.    Spot Light Your Eye Shadow

“Down the centre of the lid, use the same tone eyeshadow that you’ve got already on the eye lid, but in a lighter shade down the centre of the eye. It’s contouring for your eye lids.”


8.    Gloss your cheeks

“After applying your lipstick and gloss dab your lips with a finger and then dab along your cheekbones just below your outer eye. This gives you a a natural glow and makes your eyes stand out.”  


9.    Boost your tan

“If you want to make yourself look that little bit more tanned, wear a bright, coral shade lipstick and nail varnish. This will give the impression you’re lovely and bronzed!”


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Samantha Freedman