Your 7 Day Summer Hair Detox

Healthier hair in a week...

With summer right around the corner, after tanned bods and beaches we’ve got one thing on our mind: achieving that perfect tousled, silky summer hair. Everybody knows that while the sun is our friend it can cause serious damage to our strands, which is why we want to give our hair all the help it can get beforehand. Meet your ultimate guide to getting healthier, happier hair.

Ditch The Heat

Avoiding straighteners and tongs might seem obvious, but most people forget that using a hairdryer can also stress out your strands. Leave your hair to dry naturally as often as possible and if you must use a hairdryer wait until your hair is about 80-90% dry before using one and always use a heat protector as this will help to reduce any damage.

Use Oils

Hair oil should be your best friend in your quest for softer strands, but you need to incorporate it into every step of your hair care routine to really reap the benefits. Look for a shampoo and conditioner that contain a deeply nourishing oil. OGX Renewing + Argan Oil Of Morocco shampoo and conditioner, £6.99, are the perfect pair to rehydrate and restore your hair back to its former glossy glory.

Make Masks

Some of the best hair masks can be made at home using all natural ingredients, so head to your kitchen and get mixing. Avocado, egg yolk, coconut oil and honey are the perfect combo for frazzled hair. Put half an avocado, 2 tbsp. of coconut oil and 1 tbsp of honey into a bowl and blend together. Work the mask into your hair then wrap it up in a shower cap or towel and leave it to soak in for 30 minutes. Wash your DIY mask out using shampoo and conditioner and use once a week for best results.

Try A Treatment

Conditioners and hair masks are great for getting your hair looking shiny and soft, but if you want to really improve the condition of your hair you need to be using a hard working treatment twice a week. Try a pre-wash treatment; these will help to strengthen your hair from the inside out. You should usually use these on damp hair before shampooing. Leave it to work for 20 minutes; you can cover your head with a plastic cap for more intensive conditioning.

Avoid The Bleach

We all love to be blonde for summer but the sun will lighten your locks naturally, so before your holiday skip your salon highlights and leave it to mother nature.

Wash Your Hair Less

Believe it or not over washing your hair is a thing and it might be the reason your hair is looking lackluster and dull. Some peoples hair is more prone to getting greasy, but washing your hair too much strips it of its natural oils which keep it conditioned and can also contribute to an overproduction of oil on the scalp. If you’re used to washing your hair every day, try and cut it back to every other day. If the thought of skipping a rinse stresses you out, try an SLS free shampoo like OGX’s Coconut Milk Shampoo, £7. It’s gentler on the scalp but will still leave your hair feeling clean.

Get The Chop

A haircut will make a world of difference to your hair. Ideally you should aim to get one every 6 to 8 weeks but if your hair is looking particularly damaged and split at the ends you can up your trims. When you leave your hair for long periods of time without cutting it the split ends travel up your hair leading to breakage. Your hair is more susceptible to damage in the sun, so it’s a good idea to get a cut just before summer starts. Make sure you get one at the end of summer, too.

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