7 Awesome Beauty Rules We Learnt From J-Lo

She was the voice of our adolescence and we learnt WAY more from her than that love don’t cost a thing and how to stay true to the block. Yep, J-Lo has taught us some major beauty rules and we’ve rounded up the best ones, take note ladies!

1. The High Ponytail

Before Ariana Grande made it her signature style, J-Lo totally championed the half up high pony and made it the ultimate popstar style…

2. BIG Hair, Don’t Care



XXL volume is a go-to for Jennifer Lopez, after all, who doesn’t want sky-high hair? 


3. Matchy Make-Up



Who knew co-ordinating your ice pink eyes and lips was cool? Well if Jenny from the block says it is we’re totally with her. Also, THAT hair, would make even goldilocks jealous…


4. The Bouncy Blowout



We have no idea how J-Lo managed to get the ends of her hair to defy gravity… but we applaud her for it.


5. Upgrade Your Undo



Ms Lopez proved when it comes to updos, the bigger the better… Top marks!


6. Butterfly Clips



There’s a reason we used to raid Claire’s Accessories on a Saturday and load up our shopping basket with countless butterfly clips and grips. Because J-Lo made them oh-so cool.


7. There’s Always Time For A Selfie



If you’ve spent the time crafting the ultimate hair and make-up you better show it off, get out your camera and snap a selfie. Bonus points for extra lipgloss and hoop earrings Video