Trend Alert: 6 Ways To Wear Coloured Mascara

We love it when a trend comes full circle, and we’re actually happy to notice that coloured mascara is back on our beauty radar once again after a ten-year hiatus – although we won’t be digging up our old favourites from 2004 because, ew, germs.

And although the thought of electrifying lashes might bring some of us out in a cold sweat, we’re here to tell you not to worry; YSL, Benefit, Urban Decay and more of our favourite makeup brands are all selling coloured mascaras in every shade known to woman – so get ready to brighten up your cosmetics game.

Whether you want to flaunt your pink/green/blue lashes alongside a smokey eye, or, go bare elsewhere on the lid to make a statement, there’s a colourful look to suit even the most cosmetically-shy amoung us.

All you need is a little eye makeup-inspo, and you’ll be well on your way to rainbow lashes. Trustttt us.

Here are 6 amazing coloured mascara looks you’ll want to copy for summer and beyond…

1. The colourful classic

Perhaps our *favourite* way to wear rainbow mascara, going full-out in one statement colour and forgoing all other eye makeup is as daring as it is bold. To copy this look yourself, first curl your lashes and then layer the mascara on thick and heavy. (Don’t be afraid of a few clumps, either!).

2. Half n’ half

How cute is this mix-and-match mascara look? For those of you who still want to freshen up your makeup game, but can’t bring yourself to commit to full-on candy-lashes, try pairing normal black mascara on one set of lashes, with a bright hue on another and wait for the compliments to roll in…

3. The colour block

We love to witness true dedication to the eyemakeup cause, as is the case here. Because although this look requires you to perfectly source, match and blend your mascara and eyeshadow into one bold look, we totally think it’s worth it. To break things up a bit and make your eyes pop, try lining your waterline with white eyeliner.

4. Minamalist

If you’re feeling particularly brave or fresh-faced, you could try sporting a bold mascara with…no other makeup on your face. This is bound to draw attention to your eye area, so will look best on someone who’s had a great night’s sleep and has zero eye-bags. (Or, this could work well if you’re trying to detract attention away from a pimple on your chin – completely up to you).

5. Matchy-matchy

Behold; this is what peak colourful-mascara level actually looks like. We’re in love with this face of makeup for several reasons, but the red mascara and black winged eyeliner certainly takes centre stage, and pairing it with a crimson lip = genius. This one is giving us major makeup feels…

6. The co-coordinated look

Another minimal mascara look which proves that sometimes less IS more when it comes to sporting rainbow lashes. We’re totally on-board with this flick of neon-green mascara and eyeliner for when we want to channel our inner Gaga at the office. Right, where can we find all these shades?!

By Georgina Lawton