5 Ways Your Phone is Ruining Your Beauty Routine

Oh Technology, we live in a world where we’re more likely to know what our friends had for dinner (via Instagram), than what’s happening in our own living room.

As a nation, we are hooked, sorry, surgically attached to our phones. I mean, could you imagine how your day would go if you were to leave it at home? Catastrophic! All that free time, what on earth would we do with it!

And even though we’ve heard of the health problems associated with being married to a mobile, I bet you hadn’t considered the effects it can have on your skin. After reading this, maybe you’ll think twice before reaching for your mob…


How many times do your hands come into contact with bacteria and germs throughout the day? I hate to be crude, but I’m sure the majority of us use our phones while we are in the bathroom, which, quite frankly is gross. Our phones are a breeding ground for bacteria. They are constantly touching dirty surfaces, dirty hands and then our faces. All those germs get transferred onto our skin, which clogs pores and causes breakouts. Try to wipe your screen clean during the day using a monitor wipe and make sure you cleanse twice a day.


Constantly squinting at your screen to read the tiny font is going cause premature wrinkles and crow’s feet to form around your eyes and nobody wants that, do they. If you must read off your phone, make sure you zoom in so that the text isn’t miniature and (if you haven’t already) consider incorporating a plumping eye cream into your routine, like Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal Awakening Eye Balm, £15.

Stephanie Pratt, hold that phone a little higher!


Dark circles

Being asked if you look tired all the time has got to be the very worst side effect of dark circles and bags under your eyes, but you wont be getting rid of them anytime soon if you use your phone in bed. The blue light emitted from your phone or laptop can interrupt your internal circadian rhythm, which disrupts and delays your sleep pattern, so not only will it take you longer to fall asleep, but also the quality of the sleep you do get will be poorer. The solution? Switch off your phone, save your skin and catch some zzz’s.

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Dark spots

If, like me, you spend hours on the phone nattering away, then you should be very wary. When you’re on your phone for long periods it starts to overheat, which can actually have a similar effect on your skin as UV damage and can cause dark spots. Not good. If your planning on an hours + Sunday night phone convo with your bestie use a bluetooth device or headphones.

Turkey neck

No, this isn’t some weird Christmas trimming, “turkey neck” or “text neck” is when the skin around your neck, chin and jaw loosens and starts to sag, and is the result of peering down at your phone repeatedly for long periods. Try to hold your phone directly in front of you instead of bellow and always incorporate the neck area into your skincare routine.

Gabrielle Dyer