5 Ways To Extend Your Blow Dry

There is no better feeling than leaving the salon with full, shiny locks. A just done blow dry lets you face the world with a newfound confidence, because lets face it, good hair is pretty much the pinnacle of looking great.

But if you find your bouncy blow out going south after you’ve slept on it you might be doing some things wrong, which are pretty easily avoidable. Just follow these stand saving rituals, that girl who’s hair always looks like she’s just left the salon? She’s doing these…

1.    Sleep with your hair up

It might seem like the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to do after a blow dry, but keeping your hair up while you sleep is the key to keeping it looking fresh for days. Be careful because if you do it wrong you’ll cause kinks. The trick is to use an Invisibobble and to loosely tie your hair up on top of your head. It will help keep the shape and when you take your hair down in the morning it will look just as good as it did when you left the hairdressers chair.

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2.    Sleep with your hair in tights

When all else fails, if it’s an emergency (aka a wedding) or there is really no way you can touch your hair up at all the next morning and it needs to be totally picture perfect, reach for the tights. Look to step 1 and then carefully place a pair of clean denier tights over your head. This way there is well and truly no way your hair can get frizzy, static or disheveled. Quick history lesson, sleeping with tights on your head is actually an old trick used by people with Afro Caribbean hair. It really works a charm.

3.    Use dry shampoo and hairspray

It might seem obvious, but sealing your hair with hairspray after your blow dry will help hold the shape, and you can spritz a small amount on the ends come day two and three – try Schwarzkopf Got2b Happy Hour hairspray, £4.19 for serious staying power. Dry shampoo is also your secret weapon. When greasy roots start to ruin your K Middy do, a few sprays of dry shampoo will bring your locks back to life asap.

4.    Buy a silk pillowcase

You might not want to fork out for a silky, soft pillowcase but it really will help your hair stay soft and shiny for ages post blow dry. Plus, it doesn’t just help with your hair after a trip to the salon, silk pillowcases help to fight frizz all year round. It’s worth the investment, trust us.

5.    Don’t touch your hair

Finally, and perhaps the most important: stop touching your hair! We know how hard it is because your hair looks gloriously glossy and you just. Cant. Stop. But, the more you mess with the pretty mop on your head the more likely it will get greasy, frizzy and loose its shape.