5 Top Tips To Get The Kardashian’s Super Shiny Hair

Who doesn’t envy the silky, smooth locks of Kendall, Kylie and Kim? Here are our top tips for getting hair that’s as luscious as theirs.


1. Food

If you want healthy, shiny hair you need to make sure you’re providing it with the nutrients it needs. Eat plenty of mackerel, salmon, eggs and avocado, they all contain healthy fats, vitamins and proteins that will keep hair strong and nourished.


2. Hair masks

A hydrating, restorative hair mask such as the L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Mask Pot will help keep your hair happy and hydrated. It contains 6 micro flower oils that work to leave hair intensively nourished, silky and shiny. Plus, it smells ah-mazing!


3. Cold water

After washing your hair, give it a quick rinse in cold water. This helps to increase shine by making the cuticles of your hair lie flat, allowing them to better reflect light.


4. Hair Oils

Always finish your hairstyle with a spritz of shine spray. Bumble and Bumble’s Shine On Finishing Spray gives a brilliant shine and fights fly-aways without making your hair look greasy or weighed down.


5. Shine Treatments

For a serious shine boost try a glossing treatment such as Charles Worthington’s Salon at Home Shine Booster Diamond Shine Gloss Treatment. The rich formula smoothes the hair’s surface whilst penetrating deep into the hair cuticle, to increase the shine and radiance of your locks.


By Emily Morgan