5 Mascara Tips To Make Your Lashes Flutter-Worthy

We all want longer eyelashes right?

Unless you’re one of those ladies who’s been blessed with super-lengthy lashes (we’re SO jealous), we’re always on the lookout for ways to make our eyes stand out.

But who can really be bothered to stick on falsies every day before work? Not us. So instead, we need to ensure our mascara is really, really amazing.

Luckily, Allure have spoken to Nina Leykind – the co-founder of make-up company Eyeko – to find out her ultimate mascara tips.

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Are you glamming up your peepers all wrong in the morning? You’re about to find out…

1) Not all mascara wands are one size fits all

‘The whole point of mascara is to make sure it gets to the root of your lashes,’ says Nina.

‘If you have small eyes, you can still use volumising brushes that have a big, dense shape; just seek out companies that make downsized versions designed to reach smaller eyes.’

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian has great eyelash game


2) Don’t move the wand back and forth

‘If you zig-zag your wand, you’re going to make your lashes zig-zag as well. Instead, wiggle the wand a little at the roots and then pull it and straight through your lashes.

‘The wiggling effect will help create separation and the illusion of fullness.’

3) Curl your lashes for a solid 10 seconds

‘You always want to think about maintaining your lashes, since they’re so delicate. Curl with purpose,’ says Nina.

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ALL Beauty Addicts Need To Know

Eyelashes are fragile, so only curl them once and make it count by holding the curler on them for 10 seconds.

4) Use your brush to get more curl if you need it

‘Simply roll the brush as you move it through your lashes if you find that you want more curl.’

Michelle Keegan Michelle Keegan’s rocking pretty amazing lashes


5) Apply your mascara in phases

‘Instead of rushing my coats of mascara in the morning, I put a light coat on at first, and then I’ll put on a light coat on my way to work, and then I’ll put on one more coat sitting at my desk.’

So there you have it. Happy mascara-ing, ladies!

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