5 Tips To Get The Best Hair Ever

It’s no secret that we all want gorgeous tresses. However, with the frequent use of heat and products, it can be really difficult to get healthy hair. But don’t worry, because the LOOK beauty team have gathered together their best hair tips and put them all in this article, just for you! So, whether you’ve got a pixi crop, a bob or a long hairdo, you too can to get envy-worthy hair.

Dry Shampoo


Tip 1: Avoid washing your hair every day.

Put the shampoo down! Washing your hair every day can be really damaging, as it strips your scalp of its natural oils. If you have very fine hair that gets greasy quickly, opt for a dry shampoo, like the Batiste Ella Henderson Dry Shampoo, £3.29. Spray your roots at arms length to refresh your style. Plus, dry shampoo not only absorbs oil, but acts as a hair volumiser, making it easy to achieve bouncy, textured hair!

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Tangle Teezer


Tip 2: Don’t brush your hair whilst it’s wet.

Attempting to detangle your hair whilst in the shower can actually do more harm than good. Wet hair has a tendency to break much easier than dry hair, as it’s stretchier. Make sure to wait for your hair to dry before brushing it. We recommend using a Tangle Teezer, £11, to combat those pesky knots!

Hair Supplements


Tip 3: You are what you eat.

Eating lots of essential fatty acids will help nourish your hair from the inside out. If you want stronger, shinier hair, looking after your diet can make all the difference in the world. So be sure to stock up on your fish, walnuts and almonds! Alternatively, try taking some Hairburst supplements, £24.99, which will improve your hair elasticity and strength.

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Beyonce Hair


Tip 4: Treat your hair whilst you sleep.

Whoever said that beauty sleep was a myth was wrong, because sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase can actually minimise hair breakages. Yep, that’s right. This simple trick works by reducing friction and preventing your hair from becoming brittle. Plus, a pillowcase like the John Lewis Silk Standard Pillowcase, £35, will keep your hair from getting frizzy overnight. See, you really can wake up with gorgeous hair every day, singing ‘I woke up like this’.

Magic Oil


Tip 5: Oil up!

To get glossy, hydrated locks, massage some Michael Van Clark 3 More Inches ‘Magic Oil’, £24.50, into your damp tresses. This quick treatment will inject some much-needed moisture back into dry, damaged hair. Psst, we love this Magic Oil because it has all of the benefits of using a Moroccan Oil, but doesn’t damage your hair with silicone.

Arianna Chatzidakis.