5 Things You Didn’t Know About Max Factor

So, everyone knows that it’s the make-up of make-up artists, but what else do you know about Max Factor? Read on to discover what sets Max Factor apart from the rest…

Max Factor coined the word ‘make-up’.
While actresses had long described “making up” their faces before going on stage or in front of the camera, in 1920 Mr Max Factor was the first person to describe the cosmetics used as ‘make-up’.

Kissing matters to Max Factor.
When the Tru-Colour lipstick was developed in 1940, it was tested by the Kissing Machine, which used artificial kissing lips to measure how much pressure and kissing the lipstick could withstand and still remain on the lips.

Max Factor made movie history.
Completing the greatest single make-up order to date, Max Factor provided 600 gallons of body make-up to the Ben Hur film set in 1925.

Max Factor created the original “Blonde Bombshell”.
It was Mr Max Factor who lightened actress Jean Harlow’s hair – matching it with a new doll-like make-up look – to iconic effect.

It’s all about glamour for Max Factor.
Whether working with the original screen icons or developing products to be used at home, Max Factor believed that glamour can be achieved by all women – a principle that the beauty brand stands by to this day.