5 New Ways To Rock Your Plait

The plait is back! And while it might scare those of you who are a tad unadventurous with their locks, plaits can be worn in many different ways and are really very versatile! Once you’ve got the knack, you’ll never want to go back to plain old ponies!

We’re going to share some ideas with you for the perfect plait as seen backstage at the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer 2015 catwalk shows.



1. Dutch Crown Braid

Do two plaits either side of your head and cross over at the top for a Spring-inspired crown! Pretty as a picture!



2. Plait Braids

If you don’t want to commit to putting your whole head of hair in a plait, make a little plait and wear within your hair. Try this before opting for something more adventurous!



3. Fishtail Plait

While most of us have, at some time or another (perhaps harping back to your school days!), tried a normal plait, the fishtail plait adds a bit of excitement to the normal plait.

Wear your fishtail plait long at the back of your head as seen backstage. You could even put in some coloured extensions as seen here! This is fab for those with long hair as you can make the most of your flowing mane!

Watch our online tutorial to perfect your own fishtail plait: https://www.look.co.uk/beauty/hairstyle-how-to-video-the-fishtail-plait-0



4. Plait Bun

Style your plait out at the back of your head in a small bun. This is super cute and girly looking.



5. Queen Plait

Fishtail plaits can be styled up on top of your head for the ultimate in extreme hair styling!


Erin Salisbury