Always test the shade of your foundation along your jawline

5 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making…

Sometimes when you’re applying your liner do you think…is this right? When you’re slapping on your moisturiser are you second questioning the order? Well, we’ve got the common beauty mistakes we’ve all been making and are here to help you correct them. So from now on we’ll all have perfect makeup, flawless skin and amazing brows…well, we hope so.

1. Picking The Wrong Foundation

Too light, too dark, too yellow, too bright- how can you get the right shade? Well firstly, don’t test shades on the back of your hand. Hands are a totally different skintones to your face, instead apply them along your jaw line. If you’re looking for a bit of a tan boost go one or two shades darker than your skintone, otherwise match to your jawline exactly. If you need an expert hand No7 offer the best Match Made Foundation service on counter…and it’s free!

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2. Not Getting Your Eyeliner Flicks To Match

Perfecting the perfect feline flick isn’t easy, we know. But here’s how to get yours to peak in all the right places. Direct your flick too low and your eyes can look dropping, too high and you could look more Amy Winehouse than Jessica Alba. So here’s how to do it, start your line in the middle of the lash line, and work out towards the outer edge. To get the flick at the right angle hold your finger from outer edge up towards the end of your eyebrow, your liner should flick up at the same angle as your finger. Then go back to the middle and finish the line from middle to inner corner of the eye. We love Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Pen in Black, £8.99, for its easy control nib.


Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Pen in Black, £8.99

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3. Wearing Unflattering Eye Shadows

Want to make your eyes pop? You need to switch up your eyeshadows. Move away from black- it’ll make eyes look small, and take our cue of the perfect iris enhancing shades. If you’ve got green eyes pick lilac, mauves and purples, they’re the opposite shade on the colour wheel meaning your peepers will look super intense. For blue eyes stick to light greys and blues they’ll make your baby blue eyes look even more standout. And if you’ve got hazel or brown eyes compliment them with taupes and greens.

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4. Applying Your Skincare In The Wrong Order

How do you get the most out of your skincare? You need to get the order right, rule number one. The trick is to apply your lightest product first, that’s your serum. They’re usually the most potent so this will allow them to get deeper into the layers of the skin. Next up, your moisturiser, serums will get the skin ready for the moisturiser maximising their results. Finish with your oil, they’re the thickest and heaviest and will work their magic on top of the moisturiser.

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5. Over- Plucking Your Eyebrows 

We all want amazing brows, and will pretty much do anything to get ours in Cara Delevingne territory. If you can’t get yours looking tamed try these key pointers. Don’t ever pluck from above the brow, these hairs take the most time to re-grow and sometimes, when they do, will grow in all the wrong directions. Also avoid plucking the tails, the most common beauty dilemma is having shirt brows. If you’re struggling with shape try using Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Stencils, £14 or heading to an HD Brow salon to get them shaped, tinted and perfected. 


Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Stencils, £14

By Samantha Freedman 

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