This Woman Is 41 And We can’t Quite Get Over It

Tell us ALL your skincare secrets, please.

You probably know a friend or someone in your family that just doesnt seem to age. Yes, there are many of them among us and they just happen to be blessed with ridiculously good genes that obvs we are not seething jealous of or anything.

Every time you see them you spend all your time staring at their gloriously smooth, supple skin and wonder how many credit cards you’d have to max out on skincare to get even close to that complexion. Yep, life is unfair.

But, what you’re about to witness is probably THE most ridiculous case of good genes we’ve ever seen. Meet Lure Hsu – or as we would like to call her, Benjamin Button.

The Taiwanese designer might look like an 18-year-old, but believe it or not she is 41. Yep. We know. We are just as confused as you. Has she unearthed the real life fountain of youth?

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Well, it turns out that she owes her pause on the ageing process to sun cream and, erm coffee. Speaking to Friday, Hsu said, “everything is simply moisturising well and not over-exposing yourself to sun”.

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Considering sun damage is known to speed up the skin’s ageing process one of the leading causes of skin ageing is sun exposure, so we are not surprised that sun cream is at the top of Lure’s list.

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Indy 100 says her diet also plays a big a part in her youthfulness. Lure drinks a hell of a lot of water alongside her cups of coffee, she also makes sure she eats a lot of fruit and veg, less meat and avoids processed foods and sugary drinks.

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She also makes sure she exercises regularly and consumes a lot of protein and fibre. We’re taking notes. You might have heard it all before, but are these things that you’re actually doing?

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Hmmm. We sure are not. Genetics or not – we’re planning to step it up a bit for that baby face.