Kylie Jenner’s Lips: What She *Actually* Had Done To Her Pout

Kylie Jenner told everyone she’d had lip fillers last week after months and months of whispers about her plumped up pout. And now, LOOK’s spoken to one of the best cosmetic doctors, Dr Esho, to get his expert opinion.

Dr Esho, founder of celebrity cosmetic Clinic Le Beau Ideal, says:

‘Kylie’s lip augmentation has been achieved by linear layering of dermal filler over time. This technique achieves a gradual increase in size but also maintains shape.

‘Using a soft medium hyaluronic acid filler such as amalian or juvederm small precise injections would place layers of the substance in a uniform fashion and would act to build a whole new structure to top/within the her natural lip. The variations in size seen on different days close together are due to the ability of the dermal filler to attract water in the lip which changes under different conditions.’ 

‘This ability to hold water into the lip adds to the volume of the filler given it a soft finish. She also uses her lip liner with great effect to create a larger illusion on top of the existing lip augment ie able to vary style and shape often.’  


Half-sister Kim Kardashian also explained why Kylie waited so long before revealing the truth about her pout.

‘What you’ll see on the show is, Kylie, for a really long time, she was over-lining her lips. That was the truth for a while, then she decided to plump them’, Kim told Access Hollywood at her recent Selfish book launch.

‘She didn’t lie, it took her a while to actually make that decision to do it and once she decided to plump them. She was still over-lining, then sometimes it would look too big, then she figured out to stop over-lining.’

Kim continued: ‘People think “Oh my god she lied for so long – now she’s finally come clean” but that’s not really the case, it took her a while to do it.” 

While Kylie looks great, we’d recommend sticking with your natural lips and simply learning some crafty makeup tricks to plump up your pout the natural way. Simply follow these foolproof tips to fake a fuller mouth in a flash.


1. Go A Shade Darker

Lip liner is pretty much the Holy Grail for creating this look, but you want to choose a shade (or at the most two) darker than your lipstick. For example, if you wanted to wear Mac’s Lipstick in Taupe, £15.50, you could use their Lip Liner in Plum, £12.50. The darker liner contrasting against a lighter lipstick will help define the edges of your lips and makes them appear larger and fuller – just make sure you blend.

2. Extend Your Liner

Ok, keep in mind that with this step there is a limit of how far you can go before you look like a clown. If your lips are really thin, you can’t be drawing your lip liner half way up your face – you will look ridiculous. Instead, take your lip liner and overdraw it slightly above your natural lip line. Apply foundation or concealer over your lips and lip-line first, as this will blur out the edges and make your imposed lip-line look more realistic.

3. Highlight, Highlight, Highlight

Just as you would when contouring your face, you need to highlight certain areas of your lips to get the full effect. Using a lip brush carefully apply concealer around your lips, this will help clean up any small smudges and give your liner extra 3D definition. Next, take a small amount of concealer and again, using a lip brush gently press it into the center of your bottom lip. This creates the illusion of a more pouty, fuller lip. Finally finish off with a gloss in a shimmery shade like Nars’ Vent Sale, £19, and apply to the center of your mouth.

Gabrielle Dyer