22 Amazing Beauty Tips We’ve Learned From Our Mums

From eyebrow plucking to tanning and moisturising, we’ve rounded up the 22 best beauty tips passed down from our mums, because let’s face it, they really do know best…

Face And Skincare

1. Whenever I used to roll in tipsy, my mum would throw a face wipe at me. Leaving your make-up on for just one night is proven to age you. Susie Verrill, Online Assistant.

2. I was always told the biggest anti-ager was the sun, so now I put SPF 50 on every day under my make-up. My mum’s skin is amazing for her age – she really does know best! Sarah Ridge, Fashion News Assistant.

3. My mum caught me overplucking my eyebrows when I was a teen and warned me they wouldn’t grow back. Put the tweezers down ladies and never, ever, pluck above your brows! Lauren O’Callaghan, Online Assistant.

4. I try to spend as much as I can on moisturiser because it really does make a difference. It stays on your skin, after all! My mum’s secret was to keep the rest of her skincare dirt cheap to justify the spend. Claire Hearn, Deputy Chief Sub Editor.

5. After my skin flared up really badly, my mum made me switch to a really gentle moisturiser. Now all I use is The Body Shop’s Vitamin E as it contains hardly any ingredients, so it’s kind to sensitive skin. Laura Crisp, Acting Chief Sub Editor.

6. The best tip I’ve ever learned is to apply my moisturiser in a circular motion using my fingertips. It’s said to boost circulation and has always left me with a rosy glow. Rachel Story, Fashion Assistant.

7. Mum’s myth is witch hazel fixes everything, but it’s far too harsh for sensitive skin as it strips the surface of precious oils. Susie Verrill, Online Assistant.

8. I used to borrow my baby sister’s Sudocrem to put on my spots. It seemed to get rid of them without drying my skin out. I still use it to this day – thanks mum!  Sarah Kershaw, Senior Sub Editor

9. I grew up watching my mum cleanse with Anne French morning and night, from as early as I can remember, and now I swear by it too. Sabrina Henry, Fashion Stylist.


10. You should never leave the house without your mascara on – my mum always says I looked really tired, so now I apply at least three coats and make sure it’s waterproof! Laura Crisp, Acting Chief Sub Editor.

11. I have a foundation tide-line phobia so I was told to wipe a soft tissue around the edges of your face. It blends your foundation out, making it look seamless. Maxine Eggenberger, Junior Fashion Assistant.

12. I only ever wear powder where I tend to get shiny. My mum warned me it’s aging everywhere else as it sits in your creases, especially the laughter lines on your cheeks. Hannah Gale, Online Assistant.

13. Mum always uses white pencil on her lower lashlines and it instantly brightens up her eyes. Susie Verrill, Online Assistant.

14. I hide any trace of a hangover with a bright lippie. My mum swore by red to distract from tell-tale tired eyes. Ali Hall, Editor.

15. Beauty fact – a smear of Nivea cream solves every beauty dilemma! Helen Francis, PA to Editor/Office Manager.


16. I was always taught the importance of Investing in a good haircut – if you pay for someone more qualified it takes the stress out of it. Touch wood, I haven’t had a hair disaster yet. Hannah Gale, Online Assistant.

17. Every woman in my family leaves their hair conditioner in overnight. It gives it longer to penetrate, so you’ll have amazingly glossy hair in the morning. Hannah Eichler, Junior Fashion Stylist.

18. Every day is a Sunday in my household. The best frocks are on and hair is always brushed. You should look your best everyday, not just on special occassions – it makes you feel so much better about yourself. Victoria Adegboyega, Senior Picture Researcher.


19. I’ve always chosen waxing or epilating over shaving. I was taught that it not only lasts longer, but I haven’t had an ingrown (and painful) hair yet. Susie Verrill, Online Assistant.

20. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate before you go on holiday. My tan lasts longer and my mum and I have never peeled. Hannah Gale, Online Assistant.

Hands And Nails

21. My mum has the sofest hands I’ve ever seen. Aside from Fairy washing up liquid, I always remember her putting her face moisturiser on the backs of her hands. She reckons hands are your biggest age giveaway. Lydia Southern, News Editor.

22. I don’t think my nails have ever been free of polish. It’s my mum’s bug bear as she says you’ll never look groomed or polished without it. Rebecca Martin, Online Assistant.

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