2017’s Hottest Hair Trends

We're particularly feeling 'contourage'...

Ready for a brand new look or just bored and fancy a scroll through some lovely hair looks? Either way, our guide to this year’s best hair cuts and trends will make you very happy.

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From colour to lengths to curls and shaping, hair for 2017 is about to get shaken up.


We’ve had Balayage but this year it’s all about ‘contourage. Aka the hair highlighting technique that focuses on flattering your features. Brit hairdresser Darren Ambrose is championing this for 2017.

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Go Green

maisie williams

Come summer we’ll all be ditching pretty rose gold and juicy blorange in favour of fun cacti-green according to L’Oreal Professional’s Jack Howard who told Elle.com… “Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery, has already been making waves in the hair world at the start of 2017. The secret to wearable green is to make it look expensive. Metallics and deep emeralds are the coolest shades.”

Bob’s your uncle

keira knightley

Bobs will never go out of style but rather than the blunt chop of 2016, this year’s cuts are a little more tailored. Think early 00s graduation, shorter at the back and longer at the front.

Super roots

Grungy roots have been a thing since the 90s crashed back on the style scene a few years ago. The smattering of dark colour from last year’s hair trend has nothing on 2017’s roots. If your hair looks like you’ve left it at least a month too long away from the salon, you’re on the right track. Two-tone chic. Also great because you end up spending less on root touch-ups!

Nice ‘n’ natural

Forget those faux natural phrases like ‘bed head’, when we say natural this time we mean it. Or at least, George Northwood does… Rosie H-W’s fave like ‘actual natural hair rather than a styled ‘natural’ look.’ We hear, ya.