The 2016 Beauty Launches We’re SO Excited About

Chanel’s Amazing New Base

Need a new foundation? The entire beauty team are loving Chanel’s Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation, £36. It covers all our imperfections, but it’s so light it looks like our skin, just better! Plus, it smells as delicious as a day cream.

Launching: January 15th

Guerlain’s Scented Nail Treats

Scented nail polishes often wear off after you’ve washed your hands, but not these Guerlain ones, £17 each. Not only are the bottles gorge they’ll leave your fingers smelling of the iconic La Petite Robe fragrance, for days. Fancy!

Launching: January 25th

Sanctuary’s Charcoal Cleanser

Sometimes your cleanser is just too cold to wash your face with- sounds silly, but imagine if it was actually heated…enter Sanctuary Spa’s Warming Detox Charcoal Wash, £9. Once you start rubbing it in, the black gel turns translucent and instantly warms the skin opening up your pores so that the main ingredient, charcoal, can vacuum out the impurities. Plus, all the sales made until Feb 29th will go towards Wellbeing of Woman charity for woman and babies. Now that’s a guilt-free purchase.

Launching: January 2016

Bondi Sands 1st Coconut Oil Tan

Officially obsessed with coconut oil? We’re not just slapping it on our faces, through our hair and into our cooking pan, we’re also smoothering our bodies in it too. Tanning brand, Bondi Sands have just introduced the first coconut oil infused tan (£14.99) and we love it. We smell delicious, our limbs are golden and our skin doesn’t dry out. Winner!

Launching: January 10th

Black Out Lipstick

What will the girls say when you whip Givenchy’s Le Rouge Vinyl Lip Colour in Noir Révélateur, £25, out of your handbag? Cue a lot of OMG’s! One swipe of the deep mauve noir lipstick transforms into a just-bitten stain cleverly using the pH levels in the lips to create a lippie colour custom to you.

Launching: January 2016