The ’00s Beauty Trends We’ll NEVER Forget

We can’t quite believe it’s been 15 years since we kissed goodbye to the ’90s and saw the millennium in, the 2000s were a decade we’ll never forget, I mean how could we with beauty trends like these…

1. Bandanas Made A Comeback

Bandanas were the height of cool in the 00s, if you were wearing one, you were automatically 10x cooler than everyone else. Fact.

2. We Bought Perfume, SO much perfume

Celebrity scents went big in the 00s, now we could finally smell like our idols, but were you a Britney Spears Fantasy or a J-Lo Glow kinda girl? It’s says a lot. Oh and if your PE kit bag didn’t contain either Soo? Kiss Me or Impulse body spray you’d be judged, harshly. PS. You also had to own Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue or Kenzo Flower, but could only wear one spritz on seriously special occasions, because that bottle had to last you the whole year.

A spray of Soo? Kiss Me and you could take on whatever the school disco threw at you


3. Skater Girls Happened

Avril Lavigne happened, and with her came a whole generation of skater girls (and boys). The mandatory uniform consisted of pin-straight hair, LOTS of eyeliner and maybe even a tie-vest combo if you were really cool. 

Avril Lavigne has a LOT to answer for


4. Feathered Hair

If your hairdresser was really good she’d suggest you get your hair feathered. Because who doesn’t want their locks to perfectly frame their face? And if Beyonce was doing it, you can bet we were too. 

Feathered hair… The height of sophistication


5. The ‘Pob’

Victoria Beckham chopped off her locks and the ‘pob’ was born (aka the posh bob). Enter, a whole decade of lop-sided chops.

The pob (aka ‘posh bob’) went big


6. We All Went Crazy For Quiffs 

That little bump of hair at the top your head took your look from plain to awesome, instantly. Bonus points for extra height.

We ALL went crazy for a quiff


7. Side Fringes 

Oh side fringes were a THING in the 00s. Whether it was a full fringe pushed to the side (with some force and a lot of hairspray), or simply a inch-wide piece of hair that sat across your face, if you didn’t have a side fringe your hair = basic. 

The side fringe (we still love you)


8. Ghds Took Over The World

Hair straighteners took over in the 00s, pin-straight locks became THE hairstyle to rock.

Ghds = seriously straight hair


9. Belly Button Piercings 

If you had your belly button pierced you instantly earned major cool points in the 00s… 

Paris Hilton was no stranger to showing off her sparkly belly button


10. Silky Hair Scarves

Wearing a silky head scarf was the perfect way to channel your inner boho-babe, they were usually no wide than two inches but at least a metre long – so it would conveniently get caught in everything.

Silk hairbands = boho princess