Get 20% Off CDC Oval Makeup Brushes

Go, go go!

Good makeup brushes are easy to come by, you’re about to meet some great ones. You may have seen Kylie Jenner using similar ones by Artis – essentially that’s what started all of the madness surrounding these oval, handled brushes.

The ones she actually used can be found on Space NK. However, as wonderful as they may be they also come with a pretty hefty price tag. Which is why we love these near identical brushes from CDC.

The reason these are so damn good is because, unlike other brushes you can use any brush with any makeup. They’re great for foundation, concealer eye shadow, bronzer. Whatever.

The sleek design isn’t just so they look good on your dressing table, the elongated handles make it easier for you to hold and allow more precise application and blending.

They’re impossibly soft and fluffy thanks to their tightly packed fibre hairs. The bristles are super dense, which leaves a seamless application of whatever you’re using – bye, bye foundation streaks.

They’re usually a very affordable £12.99, but today over on Amazon you can get the CDC® Best Oval Makeup Brushes in Red Wine for £10.39. Vs the £50 odd quid you’d have to fork out for only one of Kylie’s brushes,we reckon we’re just going to stock up on these instead, thanks.

Oh ps: the sale ends in 3 hours, so be quick!