There’s A New 2-in-1 Hairdryer And Straightener And It Looks GREAT

Welcome to the future

Anyone with slightly curly, kinky or wavy hair will know that blow drying and straightening your hair in the morning takes approximately several hours. And that is time we’d very much rather spend in bed. Well now, Revlon have launched a 2-in-1 hairdryer and straightener and SPOILER ALERT: it looks freakin’ amazing.

Revlon’s 2-in-1 hairdryer and straightener

It’s called the Revlon Salon 360 (geddit) and it basically cuts your styling time in half by combining your typical hairdryer with a pair of straighteners too.

So how does it work?

Well it basically features a tunnel that splits open, allowing you to feed sections of hair into the hairdryer which is then dried and smoothed out vertically from both sides.

It’s also got all the conditioning ceramic and ionic technology so that it works to reduce heat damage and breakage, too. And it’s designed to limit frizz at the same time. Winning.

Right now, the Revlon Salon 360 is only available in the US – but here’s hoping they bring it over to the UK soon, too. Our hair needs it.