17 Problems Only Curly Haired Girls Will Know

1.    £30 hair straighteners just wont cut it. We need heavy-duty irons for these kinks.

2.    Spending your life’s earnings on every hair product on this earth that has the words ‘anti-fizz’, ‘sleek’ or ‘more manageable’ on it.

> You have no idea how poor I am…

3.    Getting unreasonably aggressive when your friends mate pushes you into the pool at her BBQ.

4.    Being a massive hair product snob. But, you kind of have to, right.

> I look this good because my conditioner is basically liquid gold

5.    Developing a carefully formed, strategic, step-by-step formula for washing/blow drying and straightening your hair, which can be matched by no one.

6.    Being told by everyone with straight hair that has ever lived that they wish they had your hair.

> I mean, do you really want this!?

7.    Trying to explain to your straight haired friends that you can’t possibly get ready in under an hour because doing your hair takes nearly two.

8.    At the start of the night your hair is silky straight, come 2am you look like Tarzan.

> Your drunk mirror check up in the club tends to look something like this…

9.    Telling people you can’t see them tonight because you’re washing your hair and actually telling the truth.

10.    The elements are your enemy: wind, rain, heat, drizzle, they all lead to you looking like a poodle.

> A walk to the corner shop in light rain results in this…

11.    Mousses were your BFFE until you realised that crispy curls are like so not cool.

12.    Having absolutely no control over whether or not your hair is going to look nice, or like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, when you wear it curly.

> You spent so long trying to get it right :'(

13.    Having to use your straight, fine haired friends shampoo and conditioner and watching your life crumble around you…

14.    Your hair basically gets in the way of everyone.

> No one behind you can see anything, Gaga

15.    Getting a full fringe because a celebrity got one and it looked great, but you’re just here like…

> Hey

16.    The worst three words you’ll ever hear: curly baby hairs

17.    You’ll never experience pre holiday anxiety like a curly haired girl. Trust me.

Gabrielle Dyer