15 Things You’ll Only Know If You’ve Had Braces

Nobody else will ever understand the pain of getting your train tracks tightened...

1) Having to be dragged to the orthodontist on brace tightening day

We could already feel the pain before we got there.


2) And then there was the real-life pain

It actually felt like there was a clamp on our jaws.


3) Getting a mould taken of our teeth

We’ll never forget that feeling of being convinced we were about to gag/vomit/suffocate.


4) When our orthodontists got sloppy with cutting our wires

Having a piece of metal stabbing our gums all day was not cool.


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5) Being slightly concerned we may choke on our own saliva

We’re pretty sure the dental nurse could’ve been more careful when wielding that suction pipe.


6) The elastic bands

Having to take them off to eat was the absolute worst.


7) Getting food caught in our braces

Spinach and lettuce were definite no-gos.


8) The day we forgot our pocket mirror was the worst day ever

We could literally have an entire leaf stuck in that metal contraption and have no idea whatsoever.


9) We had to cut out about 50% of food groups

Oh, apples. How we missed you.


10) We felt like a major rebel if we had a piece of chewing gum

But were secretly terrified that it might get stuck in our mouths for the rest of our lives. Or at least the next 12 months.


11) Choosing what colour train tracks we wanted was a complete minefield

Pink and black would be totally rock’n’roll, but green would really go with our eyes. Hmmm.


12) Everyone heard that urban legend

Y’know, the one about the couple getting tangled together while kissing and having to be taken to A&E for emergency surgery?

The fear made school disco romances all the more dramatic.


13) The glorious moment we got our braces removed

Our teeth felt so big! and shiny! And we couldn’t stop licking them?


14) Then we found out about retainers

*Sighs*. It will never end.


15) But hey, at least our teeth look amazing now

It was (mainly) all worth it, right?