Here’s What Happened When We Met Kate Moss

If there’s one person we’d want to get ready with before a night out, it’s Kate Moss. The supermodel and style icon has been one of our biggest girl crushes since, like ever. Well, to celebrate Kate Moss’ FIFTEEN YEARS with Rimmel (woah) we sat down with the Queen herself to chat about all things lipstick, liner and getting the London look…

15 years is an iconic milestone – what are your new favourites from the Kate x Rimmel anniversary collection?

For 15 years now we’ve been doing nudes and reds so this was kind of getting the iconic shades and ones I really loved to  create a beautiful collection that works for absolutely everything.

What advice would you give your 15 year old self?

‘Wear sunscreen – not baby oil’

Who is your beauty icon?

‘Ooh, I think Anita Pallenberg. I love the way she looked in the 60s. My daughter now looks up to Gigi Hadid and wants to dress like her, but I could never wear crop tops! But for them, they look cute. ‘

Do you have 90s brow regrets?

‘No, I’ve always had quite thin brows but they grow back quite normally. My nan has no eyebrows – she has them tattooed in from the 60s and they’re like purple! But my daughter Lila’s really into it. She’s all about shaping – she tries to make them thicker and I’m like ‘right okay’ they look like they’ve been cut out and stuck on your face! Anyway whatever – it all goes around doesn’t it, I’m sure next season it’ll be back to the thin brow!’

Who’s your fashion inspiration?

‘I quite liked the way men dressed in the 70s like Mick Jagger and Marc Bolan. They’re quite feminine but still with a tomboyish look which I like’.

By Chloe Burcham