11 Beauty Problems Every Girl Experiences In Winter

1) Our hair is permanently frizzy

Rain, hail, sleet and snow are all major mane-ruiners. In fact, there’s hardly any point styling it at all.


2) A runny nose is a daily occurrence

That stage where it starts peeling because of the amount of tissue action it’s seen? THE WORST.


3) Dry skin is our worst enemy

No amount of make-up can fix it.


4) Chapped lips are the bane of our existence

There’s just no lipstick moisturising enough for January.


5) We may let certain areas get a little furry…

Because who’s ever going to see our legs when we’re wearing four pairs of tights and legwarmers?


6) We’re in major need of a pedicure

But what’s the point when we’re wearing boots every day?


7) Our nose is as red as Rudolph’s

We can thank those subarctic-temperature winds for this one.


8) Our mascara and eyeliner is so easily smudged

Raindrops on lashes = total disaster.


9) The horrors of hat-hair and hood-hair

Our carefully tonged curls fall out in 10 minutes. The kink from a beanie? Stays in all day.


10) Scarves are just one big minefield

They make our locks so static. And how does the fluff get EVERYWHERE?


11) We spend so much more money on beauty products

Now we’ve lost our summer glow, we need to stock up on a truckload of lighter foundation and eight different berry-coloured lipsticks.

Moisturiser and hand cream are also both necessities.


Oh the trauma. At least we’re all in it together, eh?