12 Budget Ways To Get A-List Hair Today!

Give your hair a revamp without spending wads of cash with our easy, budget tips from the experts. From Headmasters Art Director Aaron Carlo, to LOOK’s Acting Beauty Editor Sam Freedman, we’ve got some of the best haircare tips in the industry to make your hair woes that little bit easier to manage.

Our split ends are about to be so zapped so far into the past they’ll be mingling with cave men.

  • Banish split ends – Aside from regular trimes, the best way to keep your split ends at bay is to use a moisturing mask every week and ALWAYS use a heat protector when styling. Superdrug is amazing at getting these products for only a few quid – result!
  • Go straight – Target frizz with a straight blowdry. Use a round barrel brush and point your hairdryer downwards for a super sleek’do.
  • Snap up a gloss – Hair gloss and oils needn’t make hair look greasier than a chip fryer. Apply to the ends of the hair to banish frizz, minimise the visibility of split ends and give hair a healthy shine. Not bad, eh?

  • Protect in style – “Aaron says: “Loud vintage print scarfs are so hot this summer, use one to wrap around the hair for a super cute way to protect the hair from the sun think Rihanna, Kate Bosworth and Leigh-Anne from Little Mix”. Plus, you’ll avoid a sunburnt scalp on holiday – painful and a cause of a flaky scalp. 
  • Try a root-boost powder – Not got time for a volumising blow dry (or just feeling super lazy)? Apply a root-boosting powder directly to your roots and massage with fingers or a brush for instant height. Plus, if it drops after a few hours, all you have to do is massage it again for renewed height. A-list volume without a celeb hairstylist in sight!
  • Learn how to do an amazing updo – Nail just one amazing hairstyle that will save you whenever you’re having a bad hair day or have a last-minute party to hit. Aaron says: ” Headmasters have just launched Headmasters Does The Summer Masterclass (£45 for 45 minutes) where you can book in to learn how to recreate three failsafe on-trend, wearable looks for all your important events this summer.” Book yourself in, and fast.
  • Boost coloured hair for £1.29 – Can’t afford a salon visit to redo your hair colour? Try Superdrug Effects, they come in a variety of shades, and allow hair to go a little bit longer between colouring appointments without lookind dull. Just apply and leave in for up to an hour for a fresher burst of colour.
  • Invest in sleep-In rollers – You can snap up these babies for around a tenner if you hunt around, and they’ll save you loads of time in the morning. Aaron says: For an easy way to get volume fast add some sponge rollers in the crown area and sleep in them, in the morning simply unwrap and run fingers through to give you that glamorous just blow-dried look.”
  • Reduce breakage – Never brush hair when it’s wet. Instead use a leave in conditioner and a wide-tooth comb to reduce  the dreaded hair-snaps.
  • Use dry shampoo more – It’s not just for hiding grease, ladies. Aaron says: For immediate party appeal in a hurry, spray a volumising dry shampoo like Headmasters Big Glam Hair volumising Dry Shampoo £2.99 through the roots and use a brush or fingers to give a little added root lift, it will freshen your look and give the impression that your hair has just been blow-dried.

  • Change your blowdry technique

    – Aaron says: “When blow-drying your hair, rough dry until 60% dry. This conserves your blow-drying energy for the smoothing and finishing part of the blow-dry.” 
  • At-home treatements – Aaron says: “Applying a treatment makes a huge difference so make sure you make time, it will only take 10 minutes but will save you 15 minutes of blow-drying time, plus it will give a smoother more professional look.” 
Snap up this week’s LOOK for some of our fave hair-healing products! Combine these with the tips and we’re basically Mila Kunis. Does that mean we get a rich, handsome husband to go with the glossy mane?
By Hannah Gale
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