Big, backcombed and out of control hair

11 Times You Thought You Looked Great…But You Didn’t!

We’ve all been there, a trend comes along, you jump on the bandwagon, you think you’re cool. Then a month, a year, or even five years pass, you look back and literally die. You didn’t look hot, no in fact, you didn’t even look cool. We take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on the funny beauty and fashion moments we’ve had, when we thought we looked seriously hot, but looking back, we were seriously wrong. Hands up if any of these shout your name…


1.     Backcombing Wayyy Too Much

Big hair don’t care- well if this was your motto back in the day, then have you looked back at your photos and been like wooaaaah! Yes, us too. Why did no one to tell us to step away from the backcombing brush, and calm it down? Big hair that hinders the persons view behind you…is just not okay.

Kelly Brooke rocking a ra-ra skirt Kelly rocks her ra-ra skirt


2.     Ra-Ra Skirts

At the first opportunity for a school disco it was time to get the ra-ra skirt out. But why? Why did our mums let us leave the house with ruffles surrounding our derrieres, they weren’t hiding our bums, in fact they were just enhancing them making them look triple the size, while also flashing our French knicker panties at the same time. Oh, dear!

Gwen Stefani wearing fishnet tights Oh Gweny, fishnets…we’re just not sure!


3. Fishnet Tights

After making sure to convince our mums that we wanted the thinnest denier tights to wear to school (yes the ones that ripped as soon as your big toe was in) we soon moved onto fishnets…and wore them with everything, under our jeans, with our knee length skirts, and our mini’s. No, we weren’t strippers, we were simply girls thinking we were cool. Even Gwen Stefani can’t pull off a fishnet…sorry Gwen!

Nicki Minaj, but have you got enough foundation on? Nicki Minaj sporting a thick face of foundation…or is that concealer?


3.     Wearing Concealer As Foundation

Once you discovered that your MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer could make you look as airbrushed as models in adverts and not just dotted on spots, and under eyes, did you wear it all over as foundation? We sure did. Thick, chalky and masking the most amazing skin you’ll ever had….what a shame.

Charlize Theron dons a kitten heel back in 2004 Long shoes…tiny, tiny heels


4.     Kitten Heels

Not even Charlize Theron back in 2004 could pull off the kitten heel, so there’s no chance we could. Talk about looking like a giant standing on a tiny nail. They were neither leg flattering nor foot enhancing. In fact they made our size five feet look like a 12. Dear, oh dear.

Pin stripe...everything! Hats, trousers, jackets…pin stripe everything!


5.     Pin Stripe…Everything

Trousers, hats, suit jackets…at least one pin striped item had to be in your wardrobe before you were even classed as cool, right? Oh so wrong, from Lake Bell in her baker boy number, to Halle Berry rocking out in a two piece. Sorry ladies, we don’t even think you can rock a pin stripe.

Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson wearing mega belts Diamonte and cowboy buckles…really?!


6.     Big Buckle Belts

No you aren’t a cowboy, and you definitely don’t look chic with fake diamantes round your waist, so why is your belt and buckle super-size? Who knows, but we loved it. Big buckles and embellished buckles were just so on-trend…right?!

Acrylic, square nails are so 90s Square, long, French acrylic nails…not okay



7. Square Acrylic Nails

Getting your nails done on a Saturday with the girls, was a given. But just to come out with big, fake, long, square talons. Your French mani has never looked so un-French, and so un-chic. I’m sorry girls, these nails are unacceptable. 

Christina Milan rocks crispy, curly locks Christina Milan rocks crispy, curly locks


8.     Crispy Curly Hair

A tone of mousse, a serious session with the diffuser equals mega, mega, curls that crispy and crunchy all at the same time. Three bottles of mousse later and you soon realized, bit much?

Britney in her baggy jeans Britney loved her baggy denims


9.     Baggy Denim Jeans

Low slung jeans, basically falling off your hips, revealing your pants, normally worn with a mid-drift baring top. Not okay. No, you aren’t Britney, and no you aren’t homeless. Get. Jeans. That. Fit.

Miley Cyrus and J Lo Miley and J Lo love bandanas…they really do


10.  Bandanas

Worn around your head, as a top, or tied to your handbag. Bandana’s (we thought) were the coolest accessory ever. Little did we know, they’re not. They really are not okay. You aren’t in a girl band.

J Lo rocks a glitter shrug, the ultimate cover up...or so we thought J Lo rocks a glitter shrug, the ultimate cover up…or so we thought


11.  Shrugs

The cover up that came with you on every night out. It covered you completely, kept you warm, and made your outfit look cute. No, no, no and no. It did none of the above. If only the monkey hiding his face emjoi was here right now.