11 Things You’ll Only Know If You Have Tattoos

There’s no denying that having tattoos comes with its fair share of drawbacks. It’s just lucky we love ’em, eh?!

If you’ve been inked, we can guarantee you’ve had at least one of these thoughts…

1) People asking what our tattoos mean

Explaining can get SO boring.


2) Unless there is no meaning

Surely we’re not the only ones who got some kind of random scripture inked on our wrists/napes/backs while travelling around Thailand?!

It seemed cool at the time, but now we’re a teeny bit embarrassed. Hence us having memorised a whole spiel about it representing ‘love and adventure’. Lolz.


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The thought of wedding dress shopping fills us with dread

If we don’t want our tatts on display, our choices are seriously limited. If we do, we’re pretty sure some elderly relatives will have something to say about it.

We’re just never going to win here.


We admit it, we’re a teeny bit scared about what will happen when we get wrinkly

Will they distort? Stretch?!


5) But we don’t want YOU to point this out

It’s kinda rude. And even if our etchings do end up looking a little different, we still won’t regret them.



6) Someone saying: ‘I wouldn’t expect you to have a tattoo!’

You do know it’s not just prisoners and sailors these days, right?


7) When you’ve got a new piece, and someone tries to touch it

It just feels like skin, people.


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8) Bepanthen

*Sighs*. That’s more bed sheets we need to wash.


The fear of telling our parents is real

Until the day we get into a bikini and realise we’ve inadvertently revealed all. EEK.

Of course, some people’s parents are totally cool with their tatts. Those people are lucky.


10) People thinking you could only possibly listen to heavy metal



11) Nobody will ever understand the very specific (and slightly addictive) type of pain

Especially when it’s on the bone. OWWWWW.