11 Reasons Why Having Small Boobs Is The Best

Small boobs. They get some bad press, don’t they?

If you’re rocking a small chest, there’s no doubt you’ve heard some pretty mean things over the years.

Have you ever been compared to an ironing board (SO CRUEL)? Or been asked whether it’s possible for you to breast feed (RIDICULOUS)?

The thought of getting a boob job has probably crossed your mind at some point.

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But while it can be a teeny bit annoying when we don’t fill out certain pieces of clothing, we reckon having small boobs is actually a major blessing.

This is why…

1) We can exercise pain-free

There’s no need for us to strap our chests down while we run. Because there’s NO chance of them ever getting in the way.


Polo necks look great on us

Sorry, big boobed ladies. We totally pull this trend off best.


3) There’s no need to wear a bra every day

Ahhh. We feel so free.


4) And that makes underwear shopping a lot cheaper

Meaning we have more money to spend on dresses. Winner.


5) Back ache. What’s that?

There’s nothing here to weigh us down.


6) Mini skirt + low-cut top = completely acceptable

We don’t have to worry about that whole only-show-your-boobs-or-legs rule, because we only HAVE our legs to show.


7) We don’t get sleazy guys eyeing up our cleavage

We’re seriously thankful for this one.


Bikini shopping is a total breeze

Pretty much any style works.


9) We never have to worry about nip slips

Well. Unless we’re having one of our bra-free days, anyway.


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Sleeping on our fronts is super comfy

We can really nestle into our sheets.


And hey, there’s always padded bras

Hello, big boobs! We’re lucky enough to get the best of both worlds.