10 Weird Ways You Can Use Your Primer

The magic of makeup is that there are no rules and we've recently discovered some rule free ways you can use your makeup primer. You'll be so surprised how far it really goes!

Like any girl, we love discovering that our makeup products have multitasking abilities. It’s exciting to find out that your trusty little makeup product actually has hidden superpowers and to make the most of of them!

Believe it or not, your primer has a tonne of surprising uses that you probably never even knew about…

1.    Can Be Used To Make A DIY BB Cream

In this muggy weather, a more lightweight foundation is a must. A quick and easy way to make your foundation less heavy is by mixing it with your primer.

Doing this allows you to save money on new products and to also be completely in control of the coverage of your base. Pretty cool, right?

2.    Lengthen And Thicken Your Lashes

Longer and thicker lashes with zero effort required? Yes please!

Before applying your mascara, pop a little bit of primer onto a spoolie brush (your normal mascara wand will do if you don’t have a spare spoolie) and comb through your eyelashes.

This will subtly extend your lashes and make them more voluptuous with next to no extra effort on your part.

3.    Décolletage Smoother

Not only can primer be used to blur the fine lines on your face out, but also those on your décolletage.

Apply your primer to that area in the same way you would your face for a flawless, airbrushed body.

You can thank us later.

4.    Prevent Lipstick Bleeding

Keep your lippy looking fresher for longer by tracing the outline of your lips with a touch of primer.

This will keep the edges of your lipstick crisp and sharp by stopping your lipstick from bleeding.

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5.    Clean Up Eyeshadow Fallout

After a heavy blending sesh we all tend to get a bit of eyeshadow fallout under our eyes. Instead of wasting a makeup wipe, you can use your primer to erase that shadow fallout.

Simply pop a bit on the end of your finger or a makeup brush and dab the fallout until it has all been picked up. Tidy!

6.    Tame Flyaway Hairs

Who knew primer would come in handy in the fight against frizz?!

Like you would with hair serum, take your primer in the palms of your hands and smooth down your hair to get rid of all those pesky flyaways.

7.    Erase Eyeliner Errors

If your liner gets a bit messy more often than not (guilty!), this tip is for you.

After applying your liner, take a small amount of primer on the end of a cotton pad and use it to sharpen up the edges of your wing. Now you’re ready to slay.

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8.    Tackles Clothing Static

Who knew primer would be a fashion hack too? Combat clothing static by taking a bit of primer in the palms of your hands then rubbing it up your tights.

This will prevent static and your skirt sticking to your tights… yay!

9.    Brow Fixer

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Can’t justify forking out for a brow setting gel? Simply use your primer instead.

Using your finger or a brush, gently stroke some primer through your brows to keep it in your desired shape throughout the day.

10.  Revises Dried Out Gel Products

We’ve all been there. Your fave gel eyeliner or brow pomade is looking a little dry and worse for wear…eek.

Mix a few drops of primer into the product to instantly revive it and restore it to its former glory!

By Catherine Delves