10 Times Destiny’s Child Brought Serious Hair Game

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have come a LONG way. But on their way up our favourite girl band rocked some ah-mazing hair do’s and we’ve rounded up the very best ones right here… You’re welcome! 

1. Beyonce’s Pink Dip-Dye

So we’ve GOT to thank Beyonce for being the first to make a neon-pink dip-dye oh-so cool in ‘Bootylicious’…

Image: Youtube.com/DestinysChildVEVO


2. Kelly’s Red Roots 

Two-tone hair is just TOO cool, are we right Kelly?!


3. Beyonce’s BIG Hair

Cheating that kind of height ain’t easy, but Beyonce scores 10/10 for her sky-high hair…


4. Kelly’s Blue Pixie Crop

Remeber when Kelly dyed her hair blue to match the set of ‘Say My Name’? Now that’s dedication to your art..

Image: Youtube.com/DestinysChildVEVO


5. Beyonce’s Crimped Roots

Beyonce proves two hairtsyles are WAY better than one with her half-crimped-half-straight hair in ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’.

Image: Youtube.com/DestinysChildVEVO


6. Michelle’s Flat Cap

Who cares what your hair looks like when your flat-cap game is so on point. Go Michelle!


7. Beyonce’s Messy Mohawk

Beyonce’s super-high mohawk in ‘Nasty Girl’ was oh-so fierce and she gets extra points for those sultry smoky eyes – obsessed..

Image: Youtube.com/DestinysChildVEVO


8. Michelle’s Pineapple Ponytail

A pineapple ponytail was the height of cool in the 00s and no one could pull it off quite like Michelle.


9. Beyonce’s High Pony

Sporty-but-chic, Beyonce took her hair to a whole new level of hotness with this high ponytail at the Grammy Awards.


10. Kelly’s Co-Ordinatinated Hair

Dyes your locks to match your outfit is just genius… Well done Kelly!