10 Beauty Products We ALL Remember Growing Up

We’ve been reminiscing about the things we used to spray and slather on our faces, hair and bodies while growing up in the 90s and noughties – and it’s been a non-stop LOL fest.

Remember coating strands of hair at random with multicoloured hair mascaras? Getting tangled in your new-fangled electric hair braider? Or how about the agonising decision between Charlie Red and Charlie Sunshine? Unless of course, you were more of an Impulse or So…? kind of girl.

From the scents of our teenage years to the make-up products we were obsessed with, how many of these classics do YOU remember loving?


Anything with a hint of pearlescent ‘frozen’ shimmer was in. Pink Freeze, iced blues (OMG our love for an ice blue), silvery whites – we layered those up until our lids could take no more. Trés chic.


Was there anything cooler? If you didn’t have a bottle, you sure wanted one. It came (and still does) with a cute little pendant around the neck, and we spritzed that stuff ‘til our mums claimed to be suffocating. Ah J.Lo Glow, how we loved thee…



You were probably one of three camps – Impulse, Charlie or So…? If you were an Impulse girl, it was a daily decision between the green O2 one, the orangey Free Spirit or if you were really lucky, the Spice Girls special edition. Over in the Charlie camp, it was all-out war between Charlie Red, Charlie Blue and Charlie Sunshine, before the snazzy silver and gold versions sauntered on the scene! But who didn’t love the cheeky So…? Kiss Me spray, eh?


It was our first ‘fancy’ make-up buy and OMG we ended up with loads. The Juicy Tubes sparked a squeezy gloss phenomenon, and we’re glad to say we were there, hot pink Juicy in-hand.



Clear mascara was the ultimate essential. How else could you trick teachers at school who said you weren’t allowed to wear make-up? We put on awful lot of it on our brows too…

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We think it’s safe to call this THE mascara of our teenage years. Everybody had one and it was just the best thing ever. Especially given that it didn’t clump no matter how many layers you piled on!



Whether you managed to get the hang of it or not, this was the coolest hair tool to have, and if your BFF got one first – you were super jel.


Was there anything more sophisticated than the White Musk fragrance range at The Body Shop? We didn’t think so! It’s now impossible to smell it without memories flooding back.



Whether you were a shimmering copper highlights kind of girl or a bright pink streaker, the joys of hair mascara were endless. Kylie Jenner might have now made blue hair streaks her thing, but we were there first!


If Impulse, Charlie or White Musk aren’t the scent of the 90s for you, surely this is? When Thierry Mugler’s Angel hit the scene in 1992, everyone went mad for the unique vanilla-based perfume that came in the best spiky bottle ever.



By Amy Lewis