Meet the founders of the #girlgains movement

Last week we met up with two of Girl Gains, Tally and Vic. They’re young, cool and on the shoot the List for Life team experienced major body envy *girl crush*.

We found out how they started #girlgains, what it’s all about and how YOU can get involved.

Here are four things we learnt.

  • #girlgains is a movement with a goal to unite an empower through exercise.
  • The girls all have overcome personal struggles, be that anorexia or battling an unhealthy uni lifestyle, so they are just like us.
  • They aren’t encouraging or promoting an unrealistic Victoria Secret’s model type of body – they believe that we are all amazing as we are, but we can just be a healthier version.
  • Tally and Vic DO eat cake…and they still have abs…it can be done!

Get watching!